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15 ways youth sports are absolutely awesome and truly terrible, according to parents

Sheri Reed
Sept. 26, 2019

Don’t get us wrong. Youth sports are great. They build character, teach sportsmanship and show the incredible benefits of physical fitness. But also… Why are there so many practices? And why are weekend games so early? And why is every kid on the field always and forever crowding the ball?! We’ll never discourage our kids (overtly, at least) from playing a sport, but sometimes kids’ sports are a bit of a drag — and the sports parents of Twitter agree!

From late-night dinners to terrible teams, here are 15 hilarious tweets about having a kid who plays sports. 

1. Uh, what time is dinner?

2. Where’s the other shin guard?!

3. Actually, not a bad idea. 

4. So… there’s that?

5. At least he’s having fun!

6. Classic Little League scenario.

7. No one wants to cut up oranges at 6 a.m.

8. When you want to express your thanks.

9. Seriously, they’re ridiculously terrible. 

10. Now, THAT’S a game kids can get behind. 

11. Yay! Oh, wait…

12. Oh, the emails!

13. They just love the ball so much!

14. Don't worry. It's just like your weekends.

15. Hey, at least he’s honest.

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