Expert Pet-Friendly Interior Tips

The best interior design decisions when you have a pet. 

When it comes to your interior, there are additional things you may need to consider if you have furry friends living in your home. Ensuring your decor is practical, pet-friendly and stylish is easier than you think. Thinking about safety as well as comfort is key in making your home a happy and cosy environment for both you and your pets!

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1. Fabric and upholstery

If you’re picking furniture or fabrics for your home, avoid textured fabrics as these attract pet hair. Instead opt for leather furniture or tight weave materials which are easy to clean and more resistant to pet hair. Also try to choose a neutral colour that is more likely to hide pet hairs rather than make them stand out.

2. Flooring and rugs

Always go for wooden or laminate flooring instead of carpet as this is easier to clean and doesn’t hold on to fur, dirt or odours. Bamboo flooring is actually a great choice as not only is it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other materials, but it is also stronger than tensile steel and is one of the only hardwoods that is resistant to pet nails!

If you would like a rug, avoid any toxic materials, glues and dyes to ensure it is pet-friendly.

3. Wallpaper and paint

In high-traffic areas such as hallways, a wipeable wallpaper or paint is always a good idea if you have dogs or cats as it’s incredibly easy to clean. This way, you don’t have to compromise by choosing dark colours to hide marks or stains as you can simply wipe your wall clean instead. Try to go for paints that aren’t toxic as these chemicals are then released into the air in your home which is harmful to you and your pet. You can get eco-friendly, non-toxic paints easily on the market.

For further top tips on how to make your interior pet-friendly, check out the infographic created by Art Windows and Doors below:

This is a guest post from Art Windows and Doors. 

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