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This Will Prepare You for The Arrival of Your Au Pair

Get your relationship with your new au pair off to a great start with these easy steps.

Imagine arriving in another country, another home, another family: what would make your arrival easiest and happiest? These are the questions you should ask yourself before your new au pair moves in.

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Check out our tips below to make sure you are well prepared for your new family member:

1. Prepare your children

Who is going to spend the most time with the new au pair? That’s right – your children. Prepare your kids in advance for their au pair adventure. Explain to them that a sort of big sister or brother will soon be coming to take care of and play with them. Your children’s opinion is very important and will determine the success of the new family situation.

Explain to them exactly which areas of family life will change once the au pair arrives. Ideally you have already involved your children in the application process so that they have already had contact with the au pair, for example, through a video call.

2. Cosy retreat

Giving your au pair their own private bedroom is an absolute requirement, but you should make it as cosy as possible to help them feel instantly at home. Decorate it, for example, with a welcome card, fresh flowers or a welcome picture painted by your children. You should also let the au pair know that it is their room for the duration of their stay and that they can make rearrangements as they please.

3. Communication and accessibility

Your au pair is likely very far from home, so it is important that they can get in contact with their home country. Consider internet access and a SIM card for a domestic network, ideally the one with the cheapest international charges.

In terms of getting around it would be helpful to provide your au pair with a local transport ticket so they can explore the area and move around with the children. If you are providing a car for your au pair you should first check your insurance and, if necessary, add the au pair to the policy.

4. Create a weekly schedule

Create a weekly schedule for your au pair in which you enter all their tasks, appointments and free time. Make the plan as detailed as possible. This helps the au pair to make their own plans and to keep to the children’s schedule. You should also include any additional evening or weekend babysitting into the plan.

5. Offer emotional support

You should get in touch with your new au pair before they arrive, be it by email, WhatsApp or phone call. As their arrival date approaches, inquire about their well-being. We also advise to make special inquiries, such as finding out their favourite food so you can prepare it on the day of their arrival. If the au pair is upset or nervous, you can reduce their anxiety and put them at ease by demonstrating that you are excited to have them in your home.

6. Highlight the possibilities

The au pair will be pleased and will settle in quicker if you show them some activities that they can do in their free time. Providing the names and addresses of language schools or nearby sports clubs can be particularly helpful. Offer tips on nice cafes and bars in the area where your au pair can hang out and make new friends. Ideally you will know of other au pairs in the area that you can introduce them to. 

While arriving in a new home can be overwhelming for lots of au pairs, with the right amount of patience and support, they should settle in and become part of the family in no time.

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