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Trending Sports This Summer

Get fit outdoors with the top trend sports this summer.

Summer season is in full swing and more and more people are taking up sports in parks, on the water, in fields and in meadows. So why not join them and sweat it all out outdoors before the sunshine recedes and is replaced by winter once more?

To help you out, we have summarised some of the most popular outdoor sports this summer. 

1. Outdoor boot camp

Workout with exercise aids or simply your own body weight. Both options are possible depending on which boot camp you choose. From sit-ups and push-ups to piggybacks, under the strict instruction of a trainer, a group is brought to their physical limits and will work up a good summer sweat.

2. Paddle boarding

This slightly gentler sport is a great source of movement and a great source of fun. Paddle boarding consists of standing upright on a surfboard and using a paddle to row yourself across the water. All your muscles will be tensed to keep your balance and not fall into the water. Paddle boarding is great for endurance, strengthening and developing your sense of balance. If you are feeling adventurous and want a harder challenge, try yoga on the paddle board.

3. Bike polo

Yep, you’ve got it. Polo not on horseback, but on your bike! In this version of polo, the players have to demonstrate excellent control over their bike as well as a lot of coordination as they try to reach the ball. Two teams on wheels will try to use a club to chase each other off a ball and hit it into the opponent’s goal.

4. Slacklining

You have probably seen this when you have been strolling through the park on a sunny day but, perhaps, didn’t know what it was called. Slacklining is when a narrow strap is tied tightly between two trees and the user tries to walk along the strap. Requiring a lot of balance, walking along the belt is anything but easy and requires a lot of practice in the beginning. But, when you finally reach from one end to the other, the sense of achievement and your toned legs will make it all worth it!

5. Bossaball

Bossaball is another sport that is increasingly seen on beaches, in parks and outdoor pools. For this Spanish trend sport, you have to combine some skills as Bossaball includes elements of volleyball, football, trampoline jumping and gymnastics. Just like volleyball, a net is stretched down the middle of the court, but this time the court is made of trampoline-like air cushions! Can you think of a more fun way to exercise outdoors?


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