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15 funny memes for parents just trying to survive the end of the school year

May 21, 2019
via tamithefitnesslifecoach/Instagram

Parenting is almost always a tiring job, but there’s a phenomenon that happens each year from May through June that makes it even more so. I’m talking about the end of the school year. Getting through those last few weeks of packing lunches, cleaning out backpacks and attending a million and one special school events is enough to make even the most seasoned parents feel like their sanity is slipping. Luckily, every parent on the Internet can relate, and they have the memes to prove it.

Here, we’ve gathered 15 hilarious memes that perfectly capture the good, bad and ugly parts of wrapping up the school year and preparing for summer vacation.

1. When the school year is “winding down.”

Field Day, class parties, graduations — employers should create a special PTO category just for the end of the school year.

2. Lunch woes.

Gone are the days of cute Bento boxes and heart-shaped sandwiches. End-of-school lunches get whatever is left in the pantry.

3. We’re all so done.

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No other words needed. We're all DONE! #endofschoolyear

A post shared by Lesley Finney Spradlin (@free.strong.faster_lesley) on

Feeling “over it”? You are not alone.

4. Teachers really deserve a raise.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to the real MVPs.

A post shared by Scary Mommy (@scarymommy) on

It’s about time we started paying teachers like movie stars and professional athletes.

5. You can do it! Maybe.

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May is the worst. #freshhellthatisMay #playdatesonfridays

A post shared by Whitney Fleming (@playdatesonfridays) on

It’s good to have high expectations, unless it’s the end of the school year and your to-do list is 3 miles long.

6. A helpful reminder.

Parent PSA: The weather is finally nice and warm, but remember to use your outside voice with caution.

7. Things are getting scary in the drop-off line.

Parents and teachers alike can relate to this one. They don’t make enough cool clothes or makeup to disguise these dark undereye circles.

8. Almost there.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the last month of school.

9. Warning: Fuel low.

Energy is a finite resource when you’re a parent, and this time of year it’s running lower than ever.

10. Plans? What plans?

Between the last month-of-school activities and the end-of-year exhaustion, it’s totally OK if the most you can plan to do is survive.

11. Thank a teacher.

We know teachers are feeling the stress, too, and we appreciate them more than they will ever know.

12. More snacks, more problems.

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Its summer! #summertime #summerparenting

A post shared by Bani Rani (@bani2u) on

Listen, kids, we don’t have the grocery budget for these shenanigans!

13. On summer “boredom.”

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Ingrates. (Follow my forever boo @sammichespsychmeds)

A post shared by Ramblin' Mama (@therealramblinma) on

Don’t you dare tell us you’re bored, kids. You have 12,000 interactive toys and an iPad. You don’t know the meaning of the word bored.

14. The rules of summer.

In the summertime, we all give up our usual parenting style and replace it with the “anything goes” methodology.

15. Let the countdown begin.

Wine, gallons of coffee, snack times, Nerf gun darts to the head — however you measure, just know that it will all be over before you know it!

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