15 Mother's Day breakfast ideas kids can make

April 30, 2020
15 Mother's Day breakfast ideas kids can make

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition, and it usually goes a little something like this: Wake up to adorably excited mini “chefs” who have a creative menu planned. Said chefs don’t necessarily ask mom what she’s in the mood for on her special day but instead present something vaguely resembling cereal and coffee. Mom eats her celebratory breakfast as best she can, keeping her eyes fixed on her beautiful kiddos, who are the only people on the planet for whom she’d do this. And, of course, then mom cleans everything up.

Not this year. (And dads, take note: You can play a pivotal role in championing this change, too!)

Take back Mother’s Day breakfast — from your bed, of course — by ordering up one of these incredibly delicious, easy-to-make breakfast ideas from your little ones. We can’t guarantee you won’t have a post-meal kitchen to clean up, but with dishes this tasty, you won’t even mind.

1. Strawberry French toast muffin cups

With a name like this, need we say more? The strawberry French toast muffin cups (with cream cheese!) from Officially Gluten Free will get any mama’s mouth watering. Kiddos will definitely need a tall sous chef for this recipe, but overall, they can be whipped up quickly. Perfect for little ones who need something in their belly before they can serve you with a smile.

2. Breakfast tacos

The great thing about breakfast tacos (besides the fact that they’re breakfast tacos) is that they’re open to interpretation. Kids will get a kick out of being able to whip up their own creations with a few simple ingredients that are mostly likely already in the house.

3. Yogurt parfait

Talk about a Pinterest-worthy breakfast! These yummy yogurt parfait jars couldn’t be easier for the kids to put together. Yogurt, fruit and if they’re feeling ambitious, some crushed nuts on top, and boom! Mother’s Day breakfast.

4. Caramelized banana sandwich

Yes, you read that correctly. A delicious, warm banana sandwich that’s as sweet as can be with honey, cinnamon and sugar. Don’t be surprised if this is served to you with a few sneaky nibbles.

5. Bacon cups with eggs

If your kids are looking to find the way to your heart, the answer always is bacon cups with eggs. A modern twist on an old fashion breakfast — there’s just no going wrong with this one.   

6. Oatmeal with fruit and sauce

Whether you’re a breakfast person or not, it would be hard to resist a sweet little dish of oatmeal or muesli, topped with strawberries, strawberry sauce (!) and maple syrup. Please be sure to Instagram this before you dig in, because it’s just so pretty.

7. Avocado toast

Avocado toast may be played out on social media, but there’s no denying it: It’s delicious any way you slice (or mash) it. Whether you’re an avo toast purist, who wants nothing more than a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt, or someone who never met a topping they didn’t like, it’s impossible to go wrong with this breakfast. And with as little as two ingredients, it’s perfect for little hands to prepare.   

8. Eggs with chili

If you’re into spicy food and you haven’t added chili to your eggs yet, have you even been eating breakfast? Not only will this easy recipe elevate everyday eggs, it’s incredibly simple to make (just sprinkle a little chili powder on the eggs of your choice). Big kids will love making it because, seriously, what kid doesn’t love cooking eggs? And you’ll love this grownup twist on a classic.

9. Bagel with fruit and fixins

Step aside, basic cream cheese and butter. On Mother’s Day, bagels need to be taken to the next level. Whether they’re schmearing peanut butter on before topping with strawberries or preparing blueberry-sprinkled cream cheese goodness, kids will love going DIY with their — er, your — bagel.

10. Waffles

If there ever was a time for your family to dust off the ol’ waffle maker, Mother’s Day is it. And if you don’t have a waffle-maker taking up space in the back of your cabinet, there’s no shame in the frozen waffle game. Little ones can add fruit and dust powdered sugar on top, and voila! It will feel like you’re in Belgium.

11. Crepes

Not only are crepes ridiculously easy to make, they also feel kind of fancy, which is perfect for Mother’s Day. And the toppings are endless! Bigger kids can handle it all, and littler kids can add fruit for a healthy(ish) breakfast or go all out with Nutella and whipped cream. If it’s chef’s choice, though, we have a feeling which direction they’ll take.

12. Zucchini egg muffins

A little help from your partner will be required for these zucchini egg muffins, but they’re definitely worth the extra work. They’re yummy, healthy, filling and the perfect size for people who normally don’t do breakfast.

13. Smoothie

Of course, everyone has their favorite smoothie, but really, it’s hard to find a bad one. Let the kids go crazy on Mother’s Day by inventing their own, or feel virtuous by having them make Jen DeAngelis’s PB&J smoothie, which is blueberries, coconut shreds, cauliflower, chia seeds, almond butter, pecan milk, coconut milk and goat yogurt. Yum!

14. Chocolate chip sprinkle pancakes

What’s better than pancakes? Why, pancakes with chocolate chips and sprinkles, of course. Kids won’t believe they’re actually using dessert ingredients for breakfast — and you won’t believe you’re eating them!

15. Fruit plate (made with love)

No ingredients? No problem. Sometimes, the best breakfasts are the simplest, such as a fruit plate with whatever you’ve got in the fridge. It’s sweet. It’s refreshing. And best of all, you won’t have much to clean up afterward.

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