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The Perks of Being an Au Pair in Australia

From sunny weather to meeting great people, Care.com discovers all the reasons you should become an au pair in Australia.

  • Live like a local  

When you travel to Australia as an au pair, you will experience life just like a local. Instead of relying on tourist tips, you will get real inside knowledge of the best places to visit, cafes to eat in and events to go to.  

  • Language  

Australia is a great place for English speakers to travel as you won’t struggle to communicate with your host family. You will be able to bond with the children you are minding and to chat away with the host parents.  

If English is not your native language, then you can look forward to quickly improving your fluency.  

  • Meet new people 

As an au pair, you will have enough time off to go out and meet new people. Oftentimes, there are other au pairs and you can support each other through your time in your new homes.  

Australia is a great destination for meeting other young, international people and experiencing a diverse range of cultures.  

  • Easy apply  

The online application process makes applying for a visa very easy. You can find all the information you need on visas and costs here - Everything You Need to Become an Au Pair in Australia.  

  • Rewarding work  

There is no doubt that working with children has its challenges – but it can also be extremely rewarding. You will likely forge a great bond with the children in your charge, which will make your time spent with the family really special.  

  • High demand  

There is currently a high demand for au pairs in Australia. This means you can search the many families who are looking for an au pair and choose the family that sounds right for you.  

Sign up with Care.com as an au pair now to begin your Australian adventure.   

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