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What Working Moms-to-Be Need to Know About Managing Stress at Work

Join our free webinar to learn everything you need to know about managing stress as a working mom-to-be.

There’s nothing more existing or stressful than a pregnancy for working moms. But you can’t expect the world to stop just because you’re expecting.

And, frankly, it shouldn’t. 

With the right planning and preparation, experts say there’s no reason expectant mothers can’t balance a healthy pregnancy and stress at a high-powered job well into their third trimester. From an employer’s perspective, being supportive of a female employee’s transition to motherhood establishes the kind of family-friendly culture that offers a competitive advantage.

We’ll cover both sides of the equation in an upcoming webinar – Pregnant at the Office: Managing Stress for Working Moms-to-Be – featuring experts from The Bump, the Families and Work Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Join our experts for a dynamic, actionable discussion covering topics such as:

  • Right and wrong ways to tell your boss you're pregnant
  • Tips for ensuring a healthy pregnancy while staying committed to your high-stress job 
  • Strategies for employers who want to effectively support their working moms-to-be 
  • How leading companies created a best-in-class culture through family-friendly practices and policies
  • Advice on advocating for workplace supports and navigating potentially stressful situations, like planning your transition to and from maternity leave 

Both sides – employers and employees – have a vested interest in managing workplace stress and creating an environment in which new and expectant mothers feel well supported and capable of performing their jobs at a high level. 

Working moms-to-be want to remain valued contributing members of their team throughout pregnancy and after they return from maternity leave. And employers have found that supporting working moms is a key to being able to attract and retain the best female talent – a major competitive advantage. 

But how do you do it? Join us on Tuesday, April 28, from 12 to 1 p.m. Eastern, for an interactive Q-and-A discussion covering everything you need to know about managing stress at work for pregnant employees.

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