6 Things You Can Expect When You Are the Royal Nanny

The royal nanny must always be the height of professionalism. From manners to milestones, there are many attributes to a successful royal nanny.

Any quality, professional nanny is proud of their job and their little charges. Whilst we don’t all have the budget or the security challenges that the royals do, there are some steps that all nannies should take to ensure the smooth running of their employee / family relationship. Here are 6 qualities you need to be a royal nanny: 


1. Mind your manners 

The royal nanny not only has to watch her own social skills and behaviour, but she is responsible for teaching the best behaviour to the little ones. Bringing a sense of the regular and ordinary to the lives of young royals, encouraging balance in their life while appreciating the legacy they have been born into are important responsibilities of royal nannies.  

2. Share baby’s milestones  

Like all working parents, royals don’t want to miss out on even the smallest milestone, but it is possible that royal responsibilities will keep them away for many precious moments. The royal nanny must find ways to share the day’s highlights and make sure that Mum and Dad feel like they’re part of these moments.  

3. Welcome support from your team  

Royal nannies are supported by a whole team of household staff. Domestic staff assist in the day-to-day running of the nursery area and other members of the royal household coordinate things like security, travel, publicity and event planning. There are even footmen to help lug all the baby equipment. It is important that a royal nanny works in conjunction with the other staff members.  

4. Keep your feet on the ground and your lips sealed  

Joining the royal household can mean a loss of your own freedoms and privacy. Not only that but your own private and personal life is up for grabs in terms of intense press interest. Confidentiality is a given but it is important to remember that not even a peep of the royal nanny’s day can be shared with a friend. There is no asking nannies to pop over for tea or to spontaneously return a playdate!  

5. Devote your time  

The nanny must put the royal family first. She is committing to a least five years of service. Professionals should make long term commitments to their nanny roles to ensure consistency for the whole family and to give themselves time to settle in.  

6. Become part of the furniture  

In the world of nannies, being the royal nanny is at the very top. You’ve “made it” if you work for a royal family. The best thing for any nanny to do (and any family when hiring) is to establish a strong, yet relaxed, relationship with the family. Be comfortable sharing the highs and lows of the day. The nanny is the employee of the royals, but she soon becomes part of the family, as many nannies in the UK do.  

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