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On Paternity Leave, and the Double Standard Dads Face

Paternity leave has been getting a lot of attention lately, but employer programs and policies haven't quite caught up to public opinion.  

Find out how to ask for paternity leave.

For starters, most new dads don't have access to paid paternity leave. And of, those that do, 75 percent take less than a week off work following the birth of their child, while 16 percent don’t take a single day.

Why? Mostly it comes down to perception. Or, perhaps more accurately, the employee's perception of what their bosses think.'s former VP of Global Workplace Solutions, spoke with "Fortune" on the topic of requesting paternity leave

Here's his advice on how nervous fathers-to-be should go about asking to take parental leave: 

“Sit down with your boss and talk through how your work will get done, including whether you’ll be reachable at certain times, whether you’ll be checking email, and who has agreed to cover for you on which aspects of your job while you’re out. Demonstrate that you’ve thought this through. If you have a plan up front that covers all the bases, it will go a long way toward reassuring your boss that you do care about getting the work done, and that things aren’t going to fall apart.”

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