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Care.com Launches Video Guide to In-Home Senior Care Jobs on YouTube Learning

In partnership with the newly-launched channel YouTube Learning, today Care.com is launching six curated playlists on topics that will help potential in-home senior care workers learn about the profession and prepare for a career in the field.

This partnership is particularly timely given what we know about the fast-rising demand for senior care workers. Over the next 20 years, home care aide jobs and home health aide jobs are projected to grow six times faster than other job categories — creating more than a million new jobs by 2026. Amidst growing conversations about  the projected impact on jobs as a result of advances in artificial intelligence, senior-care jobs will continue to grow — which is why in-home senior care work is being referred to as America’s job of the future.

Back in July, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced the creation of YouTube Learning, which YouTube describes as “a new channel of curated tutorials, DIY videos, skill-based playlists, and other high-quality educational content from a range of creators.” Here’s how Wojcicki introduced the effort at the time:

"Education is one of the greatest benefits of YouTube. Everyday, people watch learning-related content over a billion times and they’re using it to develop new skills and encourage their passions. I’m proud to announce a new initiative, YouTube Learning, through which we’re providing grants and promotion to support education focused creator content, expert organizations and learners. We're also expanding our learning content team efforts and have a newly dedicated product and engineering team working on building out features for learning on YouTube. Our hope is to support those who use YouTube to share their knowledge with the world and the millions of users who come to our platform to learn.”

As part of that effort, YouTube partnered with a variety of organizations, such as Care.com, to spotlight “Careers in Focus,” a section of YouTube Learning which helps viewers “navigate the modern workplace with help from experts.” From today’s YouTube announcement:

We know it’s important to make quality learning content easier to find on YouTube, so we’re launching a new channel called Learning, where major partners like Goodwill and Year Up are contributing curated playlists highlighting videos that teach career skills. The channel will make it easy for users to find tutorials, DIY videos, explainers, and skill-based playlists.

To watch Care.com’s curated playlist videos, visit Care.com’s YouTube channel, or click on the links below: 

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