Activities for Aged People in Autumn

7 awesome activities to keep aged people fit and healthy this autumn.

Participating in activities can have a positive effect on aged people’s memory, physical health and social relationships. But as the weather gets cooler, it can become more difficult to stay active.

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To prevent inactivity and boredom, here are 7 activities for older people to take part in this autumn.

1. Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates classes designed for the elderly are a great way to stay physically active and to feel in harmony with your own body. These popular exercises are said to have many effective qualities, such as better fitness, balance and the improvement of preexisting ailments.

2. Dancing

Being active can help prevent diseases such as dementia, obesity, diabetes and metabolic diseases. Dancing is a great activity for the body and mind as it releases many endorphins. With numerous dance events for seniors, it is a great way to get out, stay active and meet other people. One hour per week is already enough to strengthen thinking and memory skills and improve social satisfaction and the cardiovascular system.

3. Gardening

The garden can be a peaceful retreat for those who like to be in the fresh air. However, gardening is challenging for the body and stooped postures and kneeling can negatively impact joints and muscles. Therefore, it is important for aged people to use tools and equipment to make their work easier. Here are a few tips to reduce negative impacts of gardening:

  • Keep your back straight:

When sweeping, digging or raking, people should bend with their knees to keep their backs balanced. This is important when weeding or planting flowerbeds as bent postures put a lot of stress on the back and, in worst cases, can pinch the nerves. There are numerous extensions for gardening tools so that people do not have to bend down to tend to the ground.

  • Lifting and carrying

Watering cans or buckets should be lifted from the squat position and never from the back. The weight should be evenly distributed on both arms.

  • Take breaks

As the body ages it needs more time to recover. It is important to take breaks during physical activities.

4. Walking

Taking a stroll through parks and gardens is a beneficial way of staying active. Find nearby nature walks to keep physically fit and experience the changing colours of autumn.

5. Make decorations

As autumn is arguably the most beautiful and colourful time of the year, it is the perfect opportunity to make household decorations that reflect the season. Painting autumnal scenes and drawing seasonal animals are enjoyable ways to stay busy and keep the mind active.

6. Cooking class

Cooking can become more difficult as we get older. As a result, unhealthy eating choices may creep in over the years. Local and community cooking courses will broaden your culinary horizons and provide interesting and healthy alternatives. Cooking classes are a good confidence booster as they promote fun social interactions.

7. Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorations. Origami can be beneficial to aged people as it encourages concentration and flexibility in the fingers. It requires spatial thinking and stimulates imagination and creativity. For elderly people, Origami can be a refreshing alternative from traditional puzzles or card games.


Finding a new hobby can seem like a daunting prospect. Thankfully, many courses offer a trial run so you can decide if an activity is to your taste before committing to it. Taking the first step can often be difficult but it will be well worth it when you do. If you need any help with these new activities or there is transportation involved, you can always hire a carer to help.

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