The First Day W/ A New Family:

I worked as a temporary nanny for a long time,  with this type of work I had many different families all the time. I could work with five to ten families in a given week. With this level of jumping around I learned a lot about families and the process of how hard it is to leave a child with someone else. I learned a lot of tricks for getting to know new families and new kids very quickly! The key to a good new start is a good intro! I always would bring a bag of age appropriate toys with me, typically full of crafts! My rules were simple... anything in the bag you are allowed to play with or make crafts with, as long as everyone plays nicely! 


I had one family in particular who were just genuinely thrilled about me doing this for their kids, they could not believe I brought so many crafts and toys and games for their kids to just have. Before the parents even headed out the kids had gotten ahold of my bag and began using an extremely excessive amount of crafts, and their mom goes...

"Oh No! I am so sorry!" "Kids! Stop using so much, slow down!!" I simply replied... "This is what I have it for, this is why I am here!" And she was able to leave happy and relieved, heading out for a great night out with no worries!! 


It was typical for families to always be excited, I mean why not right? A full bag of fun for their kids! This always was a great way for parents to be able to skip out without a fuss, and the fuss is what makes it so much harder for parents to be comfortable leaving. A "Go Bag", as I call it, is a great product for nannies! I suggest one! Parents will love it and kids will be so excited! 

Tips and stories from parents and caregivers who’ve been there.

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