Caregiving is a Miracle Worker

User in Elizabeth, NJ
July 17, 2018

I came across a caregiver in 2016 who came from Cuba. She had no family and lived alone in the United States. During her time in the country, she never learned the language. Actually, she had no other talents or desires other than to help people. I remember her. The reason I remember her is because she walked through our school doors and begged for an opportunity to receive a certification. Certified Home Health Aide is an underestimated certification.  It leads to better careers.  If you prefer to work with people and assist them, what better place to start than as a Home Health Aide? 


She had the passion to be a caregiver, yet the language barriers and knowledge kept her from getting a license. In the state of New Jersey, it is a difficult process to attain a Home Health Aide license. Immigrants, while new to the country, don’t understand the process. I’ve encountered several students who are nurses and doctors from other countries but lack the understanding of how to get into the medical career

Caregiving is a perfect opportunity for them to get involved in the community and do what they love. This student was no different. She wanted a chance to show everyone that she had the ability to help. After three weeks and paying close attention to her capabilities, she passed the course. It’s three years later, and she works in several homes. It’s a miracle worker.


Frankly, caregiving is a universal language. It doesn’t matter what language you speak because compassion can be understood with no words. I thought I’d share this story for anyone who is out there and feel that their limitations will stop them from pursuing their dreams.

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