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33 Horrible Bosses You'll Meet Over Your Career

While the Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell characters from Horrible Bosses take horrible to the extreme – coke-head, sexual harasser and psychotic – the fact of the matter is that bad bosses are a reality many employees face. 

Horrible bosses are a fact of life

With Horrible Bosses 2 hitting theatres this week, we’ve rounded up a few other bad boss traits you’re likely to encounter over the course of a career. What else would you add?

  1. The Hot-Tempered Boss – Uh, let me go ahead and move that stapler out of your reach … just in case

  2. The Loud Mouth – Sorry Joe, better luck next year on that performance review, signed your coworkers

  3. The Breathy Boss – Tuna three times this week … really?

  4. The Sexual Harasser – Yes, in fact I have been working out … a way to talk to HR about our little talks

  5. The Mixed Message-er – The door’s always open, except when it’s not

  6.  The Silver Spoon – No, I did not forget your father built this company from the ground up … 40 years ago

  7. The Cool Boss – Of course I’ll accept your Friend request

  8. The Michael ScottThere’s no such thing as an inappropriate joke … that’s why they’re jokes

  9. The Inappropriate Dresser – Excuse me, but I think you forgot a button

  10. The Workaholic – You’re right, it is unacceptable for me to take 7 hours to return an email … that you sent at 11 p.m., on a Friday, when I'm supposed to be starting my vacation   

  11. The Micromanager – Sorry, I forgot how much you hate contractions … even if I’m just declining an email invite to lunch

  12. The Miranda PriestlyI promise your non-fat, with whip, soy, lightly-salted caramel macciato was 141-degrees when I picked it up … must have cooled during the 12-block, $45 Uber ride that I won’t be expensing 

  13. The Thinker – ‘Sure, I’ll get right back to you.’ … Three days later … crickets

  14. The New Mom – Yes, please, tell me more about the emotional experience that was your son’s first haircut

  15. The Pet Mom – Because 100 pictures of someone else’s puggle are never enough

  16. The Absentee Boss –  Bueller?

  17. The Gordon Gekko'Lunch is for wimps.' ‘Greed is good.’ Need we say more?

  18. The Big Baby – Temper tantrums and leadership positions don’t mix  

  19. The Oversharer – Oh fascinating, I didn’t realize a crayon could fit there. Wait, why are we talking about blue boogers again?

  20. The Stall Gabber – Boundaries? What boundaries? Let’s discuss this over bathroom stalls

  21. The Fast Riser – You’ve been out of college how long? I have shoes older than that

  22. The Grizzled Veteran – We’re going to do it that way because we’ve always done it that way 

    TPS reports are no fun.


  23. The Weekend Warrior – Nope, no weekend plans … other than finishing those TPS reports

  24. The Don DraperNothing like a whiskey-breathed womanizer to bring you back to the Mad Men era

  25. The Busy Body – Never has time to talk, but what is she doing all day?

  26. The Obsessive-Compulsive – Wears navy every Thursday, assigns seats for the weekly meeting

  27. The Pushover – You really shouldn’t, and yet you can… because who’s going to stop you?

  28. The Fixer – Cares too much and gets too involved with employees … even their personal lives

  29. The Gossip Queen – Every conversation is totally inappropriate, but also awesome

  30. The Bridge Burner – Lays waste to everything – and every one – who gets in their path

  31. The What-Have-You-Done-for-Me-Lately – You know there’s a point system, and you know you’re way behind

  32. The Space Invader – Every cubeside conversation is too close for comfort

  33. The Leslie Knope – The enthusiasm is exhausting. Nah, who are we kidding. Leslie Knope makes public service seem awesome.