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Pet Medication

Sometimes a pet needs medication either to cure an ailment or to help your pet maintain good health and a quality way of life. Most medications are received via veterinary prescription. However, if you have a veterinary pharmacy near you a number of items can be purchased for your pet over the counter.

For example: Pet medication for eye care such as eye drops or ointment, home dental care products, and let’s not forget that, regular flea prevention medications can be purchased over the counter also.

For more serious medical situations some pet medications are only available through Veterinary prescription please consult your family Vet before going directly to a veterinary pharmacy or purchasing any medication on line.

If your pet has a reoccurring ailment and you know what medication is required to treat the affliction and it can be purchased over the counter then it is recommended that you do so. However, if your pet shows a sign of sickness that you are not sure how to treat it is important to get a Veterinarian to diagnose the illness and give a prescription for the medication required. Do not try to diagnose your pet if you are not certain what the malady is or if your pet is exhibiting signs of illness you have not seen before.


I write a thesis and list of items that can be purchased over the counter:


Flea prevention

Arthritis relief and prevention

Dental Care
C.E.T. Toothpaste
C.E.T. Chewables for cats and dogs

Eye Care
Artificial Tears
Puralube Vet ointment
Terramycin Opthalmic

Ear cleansing and ear mite prevention
Cerulytic ear solution

Skin irritations
3V Caps
Wound Care kits (for abrasions, cuts etc.)

Liver protection

Hairball and excessive shedding
Shed no more

Some Pet Medications requiring a prescription are as follows.


*If you suspect your animal may have heartworm or is prone to contracting heartworm it is very important to have them tested by your family Veterinarian on a regular basis and treated accordingly.

Arthritis and Pain relief

*Some of these medications are used for both treatment of arthritis and pain relief following surgery.

Eye Care
Albon tabs
Albon oral suspend
Adequan Canine

Drontal Plus

Animal Diabetes

*Please note: syringes for insulin injections to treat animal diabetes do not require a prescription.

If you plan on ordering prescription medication on line most sites have an electronic prescription form that can be filled out by your Veterinarian and submitted on-line.

Pet medication can also be expensive if it is for long term use or if the pet has a more serious condition to be treated. At these times pet insurance can become very handy in helping assist in the purchase of medications.

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