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If you’re wondering how much to pay your personal assistant, you will need to consider several, important factors.

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How Much Should a Personal Assistant Make?

In a 2017 study by the Bureau of Labor Services a job with similar requirements to a personal assistant paid a nationwide average of $18.21 per hour. Note that the rate will vary based on your location, the regional cost of living, and the supply of qualified candidates in your area. For instance, these are the average rates for personal assistants in the following cities:

Average Rates for Personal Assistants by City


Flagstaff, Arizona


Los Angeles, California




Denver, Colorado


Miami, Florida


Springfield, Illinois


Newark, New Jersey



So why hire a personal assistant? You might be a parent, a caregiver, an entrepreneur, or simply a very busy person. Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to do. Therein lies the benefit of personal assistant. Together you can tag-team responsibilities to help you with everything from mailing packages at the post office to chauffeuring the kids to soccer practice. You can also search online sites like to see how much Personal Assistants are charging near you.

If you want to attract and keep good help, the pay needs to be attractive. So what is the right personal assistant salary to offer? There are many factors to consider before deciding on a number. Read on to find out how to come to a decision that benefits you and your future employee equally.

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Your Job Description Will Affect Your Personal Assistant’s Salary

Let’s start with the basics. What are you going to want out of your personal assistant? Based on the amount of work you have for them, you can decide to pay hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Sit down with a pad and paper and start jotting down the tasks as they come to mind. Ask yourself, “What do I need done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that I don’t have time to do myself, or would make a lot life easier?” Try dividing the list into standard tasks and those that require a special skill. For instance running errands and shopping online would be standard tasks, but something like speaking a second language to your children or filing taxes would be in the special skills column. But beware: If special skills are a necessity, it should be reflected in your personal assistant’s salary.

Are there any long-term projects you’d like them to tackle in addition to the day-to-day? For example, you may ask an assistant to help plan a family reunion, make arrangements for an overseas vacation, or help your child apply to colleges. All of these tasks can be completed by a personal assistant.

Once you figure out the scope of work, it’s time to estimate how many hours a week it will take to complete the tasks you delegate. Aside from the hours, think about any special circumstances that might arise such as travel, overnight stays, or work on weekends and holidays.

Need more help? Use these tips to help you write the perfect personal assistant job description.

Work History and Relevant Experience

A college degree is always a plus, but it’s not required to be a personal assistant. In this case, work experience often translates to well to what they will be doing for you on a regular basis. A teacher or nanny, for instance, would be great for helping out with kids. Someone with secretarial experience would be an excellent choice for keeping you organized. Many sites will list personal assistant profiles that include user feedback and a five-star rating system. Checking these things out before making a hire is always a safe bet.

Just remember: the more experience, the greater the salary expectations.

Taking all of these factors into account will help you come to a decision on a personal assistant salary. And once you find the right person, you’ll be happy to spend the money to make your life a little easier.

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