Here’s How To Write a Personal Assistant Job Description

April 19, 2018

Use this customizable template and detailed list of responsibilities to write a personal assistant job description for posting on online job boards or careers pages.

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A personal assistant is a dedicated individual whose main role is to serve as their employer’s liaison and handle administrative tasks, freeing up their employer’s time to focus on their workload and gain an increased level of productivity. Here’s how to craft a job description to attract the best candidates for hiring a personal assistant.

How to Write the Ideal Job Description for a Personal Assistant

Remember these qualities when crafting a job description to find the most qualified assistant out there. When placing a job listing, be as specific to your particular needs as possible, starting with a full-paragraph job description with complete sentences rather than fragmented bullet points. Summarize the position and explain the role the assistant will play in your life, company, or otherwise. This will be the applicant’s first point of reference in deciding whether they’re qualified to help you.

Sample Job Description for a Home Personal Assistant:

  • As a mother with a home office, I am in need of a responsible, experienced personal assistant to provide personalized help with my work and home life. A qualified assistant will be expected to exceed expectations in running business and personal errands, managing my planner, assisting with child dropoff and pickup during my work hours, compiling correspondence and social media posts as it pertains to my business. The ideal candidate should be able to take direction when necessary but should also know when to take initiative and be a self-starter.

Sample Job Description for a Corporate Personal Assistant:

  • Our company is seeking a personal assistant to complete administrative and secretarial tasks to supplement executive staff and increase overall productivity. The candidate we select will be expected to run business errands, deliver memos, assist in compiling the internal company newsletter, and fulfill any reasonable demands from company executives. Our fast-paced environment requires a quick learner who is patient and diplomatic with many personalities.

Personal Assistant Duties, Responsibilities and Functions

The duties of a personal assistant will vary based on the employer they’re helping and their specific needs. Here are some of the most common responsibilities that personal assistants are required to handle:

  • Managing access to employer by screening, drafting, and issuing correspondence on their behalf (Ex. phone, email, mail)

  • Maintaining their calendar, scheduling meetings, and booking appointments

  • Setting up and maintaining an organizational system (i.e. filing, database, records)

  • Taking dictation, notes, and meeting minutes

  • Booking travel reservations

  • Conducting and compiling research

  • Preparing reports and presentations

  • Bookkeeping, managing expenses, and bill-paying

  • Running errands

While many people may be aware they need to employ the services of a personal assistant, oftentimes they don’t know exactly which tasks to delegate and become easily overwhelmed. To get started, it’s a good idea to review your to-do list with the following things in mind:

  • Make a note of all your recurring administrative tasks. (i.e. bill-paying, data entry,   invoicing)

  • Determine the tasks that continue to remain on your list that don’t get done and ask yourself, “Can someone else do this for me?”

  • Review any project you’ve put on the backburner because you don’t have time and determine whether it’s something a personal assistant could help get off the ground.

Ideal Skills, Characteristics, and Traits for a Personal Assistant

The following skills and characteristics would typically make a strong candidate for such a position:

  • Previous experience in an administrative role

  • Superior time management and organizational skills

  • The ability to multitask with ease

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Diplomacy and tact

  • Discretion and confidentiality

  • Ability to receive constructive feedback

  • A self-starter willing to be proactive and take initiative

  • Ability to meet deadlines and remain calm under pressure

  • Ability to give direction to others

  • Strong follow-up skills

  • Internet savvy

  • Advanced proficiency in technology and social media

Employing the services of a full-time or part-time personal assistant may be a worthwhile investment, granting you the freedom to focus on the critical things in your life.

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