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The Best Websites for Free Math Help

April 12, 2018

Check out our list of free math tutorial sites for everything from elementary math to calculus.

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The average elementary school student in the United States spends roughly six hours per week learning math in the classroom -- more than 200 hours a year -- but only about 40 percent of fourth-graders test at a “proficient” level or higher in age-appropriate mathematical principles. It’s become common for students to seek outside-the-classroom help from peers and, increasingly, from the always-on resources of the internet. Here are some of the best sites to visit when looking for free math help online.

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Free Elementary Math Help

  • Khan Academy: place value, measurement and data, counting, addition and subtraction

  • MathPickle: logic, factoring, patterns, skip counting, percentages, composite divisors

  • Wyzant: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions

  • Hooda Math: word problems, basic operations, rounding, equivalent fractions

  • Arcademics: counting, integers, money, time, decimals, ratio and proportions


Free Pre-Algebra Help

  • Khan Academy: factors and multiples, negative numbers and coordinate planes, equations, expressions, inequalities

  • Coolmath.com: primes, order of operations, fractions, decimals, exponents, properties

  • Hooda Math: unit rates, explaining points on a graph, proportional relationships, rational numbers

  • Wyzant: estimation, square roots, scatter plots, simple probabilities, cross multiplication

  • Math Goodies: order of operations, exponents, integers, writing algebraic expressions and equations

  • Math Planet: inequalities, one-step equations, integers, fractions and factors, ratios and percent


Free Algebra Help

  • Patrick JMT: fractions using inequalities, radical notations, rationalizing the denominator, factoring, solving linear equations

  • Coolmath.com: exponents, radicals, polynomials, factoring polynomials, division of polynomials

  • Math Planet: graph functions, matrices, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions

  • FreeMathHelp.com: absolute values, direct variations, distributive properties, dividing by zero

  • Wyzant: associative properties, proportions, word problems, graphing linear equations

  • Khan Academy: variables, substitutions, evaluating expressions, dependent and independent variables


Free Geometry Help

  • Wyzant: lines and angles, quadrilaterals, areas of polygons and circles

  • Khan Academy: transformations, congruence, similarity, analytic geometry, circles

  • Brightstorm: postulate, axiom, conjecture, rays, vertex and diagonals, angle bisectors

  • Math Planet: measure line segments, polygons, angles, parallel lines, transversals, proofs

  • Hooda Math: subtracting linear expressions, proofs, pythagorean theorem

  • FreeMathHelp.com: asymptotes, domain and range, point slope forms, slope of a line


Free Trigonometry Help

  • Patrick JMT: unit circle, complementary and supplementary angles, simplifying expressions, Heron’s formula  

  • Khan Academy: trigonometry with right triangles, unit circle, sine, cosine, tangent, graphs of trigonometric functions

  • Brightstorm: Pythagorean Theorem, radian measure of angles, sine and cosine waves, the tangent function, trigonometric identities

  • FreeMathHelp.com: derivatives of trig functions, double/half angle formulas, magic identities, measuring and angle

  • OnlineMathLearning.com: trigonometry word problems, secant, cosecant, cotangent, inverse trigonometry, degrees and radians


Free Precalculus Help

  • Khan Academy: conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, probability and combinatorics, series

  • Coolmath.com: slopes of lines, tangent lines, shifting, reflecting, piecewise functions, absolute values

  • Brightstorm: conic sections, sequences and series, equations of lines, parabolas, circles, polynomial and rational functions

  • OnlineMathLearning.com: parallel lines, skew lines, planes, parent functions, reflective transformations, power functions

  • Patrick JMT: parabolas, piecewise functions, point-slope form, polynomials, linear functions


Free Calculus Help

  • Brightstorm: limits and continuity, derivatives, differentiation, antiderivatives, differential equations

  • Patrick JMT: calculating a limit, continuity, intermediate value theorem, derivatives, centroids

  • FreeMathHelp.com: chain rule, inverse functions, log and exponentials, differential equations, implicit functions

  • Khan Academy: existence theorems, accumulation and Riemann sums, derivatives, antiderivatives, definite integrals

  • OnlineMathLearning.com: quotient rule, chain rule, product rule, derivatives, exponential function, limits and continuous functions


Free Statistics Help

  • Patrick JMT: calculating probabilities, calculating variances, box and whisker plots, expected values, binomial distributions

  • Khan Academy: study design, permutations, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, significance tests, advanced regression

  • Wyzant: averages, probability distributions, dependence and independence of events, hypothesis testing

  • FreeMathHelp.com: normal distributions, mean, mode, median, probabilities

  • OnlineMathLearning.com: frequency tables, tally charts and line plots, pictograms, cumulative frequency, ANOVA test, random variables

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