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This Is How NOT to Demo a Car Seat (Hint: It Involves Using a Real Toddler)

This reporter may think twice before using this kid in a live demo again.

Last Thursday, Philadelphia's Fox 29 news station reported on Pennsylvania's new car seat laws that will go into effect later this month. Admittedly, new legislation is kind of a dry -- albeit boring -- topic to cover. But not for Reporter Mike. Reporter Mike decided to spice things up by giving a live demonstration of these new laws in action.

And boy, did he deliver.

Reporter Mike managed to convince his producer to give the car seat demo with her son, 23-month-old Noah...who this grown man then proceeded to call "adorbs." They also had an injury prevention expert from Philadelphia Children's Hospital, Gina Duchossois, on site to provide accompanying step-by-step explanations.

Thanks to Noah, this segment quickly became less about car seat laws, and more of a real-time testimonial to how insanely hard it is to get a toddler in a car seat:


And even though his well-intentioned demo didn't go at all like he planned, we shouldn't feel too bad for Reporter Mike. Since the story broke last Thursday, the Facebook video of the segment has received over 2.8 million views, 7.1K shares, 5.1K likes, and 1.3K comments.

You go, Reporter Mike. 

So to recap, if you ever want to demonstrate how car seats work -- or really just do anything that requires the cooperation of another person -- avoid getting a toddler involved. Period.

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