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Need a Good Cry? Watch This Baby Girl Hear for the Very First Time

Here's another tearjerker for all you looking to start your weekends off on a happy, inspired note.

According to a story in Today.com, this little nugget, 3-month-old Annabelle Lawless, was born with "profound hearing loss."


via Today.com


After failing an initial hearing test, Annabelle's parents Sarah Jo and Tyler were reassured that that's a common occurrence for newborns.

It wasn't until they brought her home that they started to worry. Sarah Jo and Tyler started to notice that she wouldn't respond to loud noises, such as the dog barking or a door slamming. After a month, they took her to see hearing specialists, who determined that she was effectively deaf. Despite the devastating news, there was still hope that hearing aids could reverse Annabelle's condition. Sarah Jo and Tyler took her back to the center two months later to get the aids inserted in her ears and try them out.

Luckily for their family -- and for us -- Sarah Jo had the presence of mind to record the exact moment when her little baby girl could hear her voice for the very first time.

And, as you might imagine, it's a video that would honestly bring anyone. LITERALLY ANYONE. to tears:

But really, though. I know that sometimes we (read: I) have a tendency to freak out and think everything and anything related to babies is cute and unbelievably wondrous. But this is objectively an incredibly beautiful moment.

For those of us who have the ability to hear, we often take this gift for granted. But it's a gift that is neither guaranteed us when we are born, and is not guaranteed to last us forever. So, for me, this video has given me a whole new appreciation for the "little things" that really make my life so great -- and the things that I could not live without.

Did this video have the same effect for you?

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