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Helping Kids Eat Independently

Have you ever opened up your child’s lunchbox only to discover that they’ve eaten next to nothing? Us parents can’t help but worry at one point or another about whether our kids are eating enough, especially when they’re at school and we can’t remind them to stop and recharge. In developing OmieBox, I have visited countless schools and playgrounds in order to see first hand what kids do at lunchtime at lunchtime.  Here are some easy tips that can help your kids eat better and more independently at school. 

1. Pack lunch into multi-compartment container so that kids can see all their food at once. Lunchtime is short and kids often don’t have the patience to open several small containers.  Put everything in front of them in a tray format so they can spend more time eating less time setting up / cleaning up.


Multi-compartment lunch boxes reduce set up and clean up time, so kids spend more time eating and less time fussing with containers.

2. Cut food into bite sized portions.  Instead of putting in a whole apple try cutting it into slices.  Kids finds this a lot easier to eat, especially when they’re on the go.  Have some leftover kebab or popsicle sticks?  Make fruit and veggies skewers - they look good and they’re easy to eat. 


Bite sized pieces and fun fomats like skeweres encourage kids to eat more

3. Use containers that are easy for kids to open. It’s not always easy to get help at lunchtime, so make sure you use containers that kids can easily open on their own, without having to flag down a teacher.  


Child Friendly Containers


The lunchbox pictured in the article is an OmieBox.  You can purchase them at Omiebox.com.

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