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The 5 Best Haunted Houses in San Diego

These haunted houses are seriously scary.

Image via Facebook/The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

There’s a hot wind blowing through San Diego, and it’s scattering up the leaves and reminding us that it’s time for the season of scare! Some like to be truly scared at a haunted house, while others just enjoy the spooky atmosphere. Whatever you prefer, there’s a haunted house in San Diego that parents will love to take kids of all ages. Or if your little ones are easily scared, call up your babysitter or nanny for some help.

Make your way through one of these haunted houses, good for at least one blood-curdling scream!


The Haunted Hotel

Address: 424 Market St., San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-231-0131
Dates: Open in September & October | Click here to view the full schedule.
Fees: $19 | Click here for tickets.

Image via Facebook/The Haunted Hotel

This entirely terrifying haunted hotel was featured on Travel Channel’s list of U.S. Scariest Haunts. So before you step inside… Beware: This is not for small children or even older children who don’t love being scared!

The Haunted Hotel has new tricks up its sleeve every year, so even repeat visitors can’t know what to expect. Some of the attractions in 2017 included Zombie Alley, Clown Subway, (labeled best haunted room in America) and Hillbilly Swamp. Lines can be long if you wait to purchase tickets at the venue.


The Scream Zone

Address: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014
Phone: 858-755-1161
Dates: Open in September & October | Click here to view the full calendar.
Fees: Admission starts at $20 | Click here for more details.

Image via Facebook/The Scream Zone

This R-rated terror takes place in Del Mar. The Scream Zone has three main attractions: the Haunted Hayride, the House of Horror, and KarnEvil. There is also a zombie paintball game, which sounds hilariously scary.

The Scream Zone also has fun options for on-the-spot scary photos, and concession stands with food and drink (including beer) and even some creepy gifts. Traffic in Del Mar is typically bottlenecked, so plan for time sitting in the car listening to Halloween music.


Savage House

Address: 1640 Camino Del Rio N., San Diego, CA 92108
Email: info@savageproductions.org
Dates: Open in September & October
Fees: $18 | Click here for tickets.

Image via Facebook/Savage House Haunted Attraction

The Savage House is San Diego’s only themed haunted house. As you walk through the attraction, you are following the storyline of a horror movie about escaped mental patients, called Unhinged. Amidst spooky fog, moaning, screaming, and unexpected plot-twists, you will be scared stiff!

You can also simply visit the museum for $5, which showcases displays inspired by the movie “Saw” and the TV show “The Walking Dead.” Parking is free.


The Haunted Trail

Address: 424 Market St., San Diego CA, 92101
Phone: 619-231-0131
Dates: Open in September & October | Click here for the full schedule.
Fees: $25

Image via Facebook/The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

This is no walk in the park! The Haunted Trail is a dark walk through terror. It’s a mile-long trail through our own Balboa Park. Masked creeps like Pennywise, Freddy, and Mike Meyers will jump out and scare you silly.

Kids and adults will definitely be jumping out of their skin as creatures of the night wind out of the large trees and run toward them, chainsaws blazing. Be prepared for major lines up to two hours!


Scotty’s Scare Trail

Address: 14011 Ridge Hill Road, El Cajon, CA 92021
Email: scottys.scare.trail@gmail.com
Dates: Open in October
Fees: $15 | Click here for tickets.

Image via Facebook/Scotty’s Scare Trail

What could be scarier than a haunted trail at an abandoned amusement park?! This old-fashioned October scare is full of demented scarecrows, demons, crazy clowns, and zombies running in an apocalypse.

Scotty’s wants to remind you that they give no refunds for people who are too scared and chicken out on the scare trail, so be sure you know what you’re in for! A portion of every ticket will go to the charity Saving Horses.


Did we miss any places you like to go and scream in fright!? Let us know in the comments below!

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