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How To Create a Backyard Circus

Everyone big and small loves a circus!(photo by Adina Voico)

Get a little wild today and set up a circus in your very own backyard! Here’s a list of the usual suspects you see at a circus, along with some ideas for their costumes:


All you need is a white button-down shirt, red vest or jacket, black pants and boots. You can find the signature top hat at most party stores, and you can use eyeliner for the curly-cue mustache. Don’t forget the hula hoop for the animals to jump through!

A link How to Make a Circus Ringleader Costume

• Juggler:

Cover your face in white face paint and throw on a black vest  and black pants. All you need now are some objects to juggle; tennis balls usually work best.

A link How to Make Traveling Circus Costumes

• Clown:

Cover your face in white face paint and add on an exaggerated red smile and eyes. Now you just need over sized clothes and shoes, a rainbow Afro wig and a squeaky red clown nose!

• Lion:

A yellow long-sleeved shirt should do the trick. (Yellow pants are a bonus.) You can buy a pre-made mane at a costume store, or you can make one out of a headband and brown yarn pom-poms.

• Tiger:

Find an orange T-shirt and an animal-print spray stencil kit from any craft store. You can make the tail, headpiece and ears out of extra-large orange and black pipe cleaners. Round it out with black pants and some cool tiger face paint.

• Bear

(OH MY!): All you need are brown pants and a brown hooded sweatshirt. You can then cut some ears and a tail out of brown felt and glue them on. Feel free to add as many additional animals and characters as you’d like. (Bearded lady anyone?) The more, the merrier!

What are your favorite summer time backyard activities?  Tell me below!  

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