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How To Play Baseball Without a Team

Summer’s FINALLY here, folks!

I love this season because it means more trips to the beach, more hikes and more outdoor barbecues. Most importantly, it means more baseball!

Don't let the ball be all alone -- learn how to play one of these baseball games you can play with a small group.

There’s no better summer activity than baseball. For kids, it gives them the chance to make new friends, hang out with old ones, run around and throw and hit stuff. For parents, it teaches kids valuable lessons about teamwork and cooperation. It’s a win-win, really!

8 Parenting Lessons Found in Baseball

If you’ve got a Little League aspirant in your midst, you can always get a bunch of friends together to play a pickup game, Sandlot-style. But, what about those times when there aren’t enough players to field a team? Don’t worry! Here are a few games you can play when you find yourself in a roster pickle, courtesy of HelpfulBaseballDrills.com:

500: The classic game where a batter hits a pop fly and the fielders have to catch it. Points are given based on whether the ball was caught in the air or on a bounce.

Flip: In this game, you stand in a circle and play “Hot Potato” with your baseball glove. Believe me, it’s harder than it sounds!

Pepper: Another oldie but goodie, this game involves players standing in a semi-circle around a batter and catching any pop flies, line drives or ground balls that come their way.

Want to really get your kids in the baseball zone? Pop “The Sandlot” into the DVD player for your next movie night. This movie is a timeless classic that will, at the very least, make them want to get out of the house and have a crazy adventure of their own!

What's your favorite ball game to play without a team? Share below!

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The child with the ball and bat stood alone in the field. He held the bat on his right shoulder with his right hand and the ball in his left. He eyed the grassy field in front of him. He tossed the ball up high, grabbed the bat now with both hands and quickly swung, a might swing. But he missed. The ball dropped to the ground at his feet. 

     Undaunted, he picked it up and began again. He eyed the field. He felt the weight of the ball in his left hand. He tossed it up carefully, planning the timing of his swing. Quickly he added his left hand to the bat in his right and swung with all his might. He missed. This process was repeated a couple dozen times, always with the same results. From this he determined that he had a great future as a major-league pitcher.

I like the flip idea!

My toddler has gotten pretty into baseball, so we've been doing a lot of something that could maybe sorta be described as "catch" but is more like "throwing the ball at a child, hitting him, and then watching as he runs after it, picks it up, and throws it in a random direction, chasing after it." It's not quite as rewarding for the adult.

Another classic is pickle, which is great for three to eleventy-zillion players. I remember playing this for hours on warm, long summer nights as a child:

A link http://www.gettingoutside.com/Pickle-Baseball
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