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How to Maximize Duck Feedings with Duck Games

There’s nothing cuter than seeing kids feed ducks. The way they timidly throw the bread, the inevitable close encounter the duck has with the child, the squeals and quacks heard in unison, and (if you’re lucky) the baby ducklings.

This can also be a great lesson in sharing and fairness, as there’s always a very aggressive, super speedy duck who likes to steal food from friends. So you can figure out who hasn’t been fed and make sure everyone has a full belly by the time you leave.

Having boat races is another great idea when setting out to feed ducks! Just bring loose-leaf paper and a net!

The tricky part might be finding a creek or pond that has ducks and a safe place for you to stand to feed them. (Look for a local Big Tent group to ask these questions or a town Facebook group where local parents and nannies share advice).

Once that’s determined, grab some corn, oats or peas (conservationists say this is safer than bread), a picnic basket full of lunch (for you guys, not the ducks!), a ball for playing, journals and writing or drawing tools and anything else you might want for a day at a park.

You can easily make this a longer event with these additional duck-friendly activities:

  • Duck races: Have kids strut like a duck and race each other along an obstacle course you set up.
  • Duck drawings: sketch and paint the beautiful scenery. 
  • Journaling and story telling: have kids write about their experience and their feelings seeing the ducks. This can kick off a whole summer journaling activity and practice their writing skills out of school. They can also choose to write stories about the ducks and create a mini-drama about what was going on in their lives. As the Ducks Turn/ All My Ducklings/ style.
  • Name those ducks: Clearly each duck needs a name. Go wild.
  • Duck Duck Goose: It had to be said. 

Six little ducks that I once knew

Fat ones, skinny ones, fair ones, too 

But the one little duck with the feather in his back

He led the others with a "quack, quack, quack."

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