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Atlanta’s Top 10 Food Trucks

Christina Mckeeby
Nov. 30, 2017

We’ve scouted out the top 10 food trucks Atlanta has to offer to give you even more reason to be outside this fall.

Image via Unsplash/Clem Onojeghuo

Atlanta is known for its big city living, which includes an expansive dining scene -- but this scene isn’t  limited to its restaurants. Atlanta is filled with food trucks that provide top-quality cuisine from all over the world. Get the family together for a night out at the trucks, or set your babysitter or nanny up with something great to do with the kids.

Here’s our list of 10 of the greatest trucks you’ll need to track down. Due to the nature of the (traveling) beast, be sure to follow these guys on social media so you can catch them at their weekly hangouts.


The Blaxican

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Phone: 404-606-3737

Image via Blaxican Food Truck

This soul food/Mexican hybrid has a standalone building in Atlanta but also services the greater Atlanta area with its food truck. When soul food is available, slow-cooked greens are always at the top of my list. The Collard Green Quesadilla cooked with a smoked turkey leg did not disappoint, but their sides were an even bigger hit with my family. The dry-rubbed sweet potato fries were the perfect balance of sweet and savory, while the jalapeno mac ‘n cheese packed a punch of flavor (and heat).



Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phone: 404-975-3444

When I first happened upon Yumbii, I’ll admit, the idea of Korean-Mexican fusion didn’t make my mouth water. But after hearing so many reviews, I set my judgment aside and placed my order. A couple tacos and fries later and I’m here to report that this unusual food truck will have you coming back for more! I love a good fish taco, but their ribeye taco takes home the prize. Sesame fries? Again, not something I’d ever think to order. But upon the reviews of my friends, I gave them a try -- and they are addicting! Plus, at $10 for two tacos, fries, and a drink, I was really pleased with the price.


Viet-Nomie’s Gourmet Food Truck

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phone: 770-248-0443

Jazzi Boat something... the food truck stopped by the job. 😍😍 #yummy

A post shared by Mr. King (@0riginalgentleman) on

My husband and I were so happy to come across a food truck that did not dish out burgers, hotdogs, or other fried items, as most food trucks in the area are known for. While I love all food, my husband is a sucker for good vietnamese food and this healthier “street food” style did not disappoint. Try the Thit Bo Luc Lac, otherwise known as the "Shaken Beef" to enjoy a mountain of cubed beef marinated and "shaken" in a wok with fresh garlic and onions. It’s served on top of Jasmine rice with a side salad and house made vinaigrette.

Viet-Nomie’s is one food truck that nails the portion sizes. Their Jazzi rolls are another huge hit for this family and seem to be a hot pick for the patrons in line. Chicken vietnamese spring rolls are fried for the perfect crunch and then drizzled with a sweet, vinegary kick of Umami.


Nana G’s Chick-n-Waffles

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freeze week roshambo: batter beats stress. #nanagschickenandwaffles #teamfatkid

A post shared by Lee Duh (@rebelyellow12am) on

I remember the first time I heard of chicken and waffles, and the delicious concept baffled me beyond measure. Nana G’s has mastered the art of savory and sweet with her popular combinations. The Papa G’s bacon-infused waffle topped with fried chicken is also to die for.

An added bonus for this truck was that it fed the whole family. So many food trucks appeal to my husband and I, and then my kids are left whining with their pre-packed peanut butter and jelly. But my kids loved the sweeter-style waffles at Nana G’s. The Cousin G’s waffle topped with nutella, peanut butter, and banana is a favorite of theirs.


The Bento Bus

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The signature dish -- the surrito -- is a combination of sushi and burrito, creating the perfect blend of Japanese flavors and Mexican street food. Similar to the chicken teriyaki rice bowl, the Surrito is packed full of japanese flavors like rice, fresh avocado, seaweed, and mini fried onions. This signature dish looks like a burrito but carries all the essential flavors of a sushi roll. Meanwhile, the portions of the nachos are on the smaller side, but the mouth-watering flavors and crunchiness are a perfect combination of flavors.


The Pickle

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phone: 404-421-9080

Image via Facebook/The Pickle

Unlike the name would indicate, this food truck is a mix of tex-mex, southern and bayou specialties. A pickle is available on the side, but this is not a specialty pickle truck, as I originally imagined upon seeing the truck. I typically gravitate towards trucks with one specialty because I find that chef’s do their finest work when they are able to focus on a less is more concept, but The Pickle does a great job mastering the flavors of a wide range of options. The rich sauce of the Crawfish, Chicken & Andouille Sausage Etouffee over Rice is one that is hard to find outside of the New Orleans area and those Cajun Chicken Eggrolls have a magical blend of spice. The Pickle will give you the taste of NOLA without having to leave the Atlanta area.


Tex’s Tacos

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Who's hungry? 😉 #texicanafries - (📸: @glutenfreeinatlanta )

A post shared by Tex's Tacos (@texstacos) on

At my first visit, the Mexicana fries caught my eye. Lime fries piled high, nacho-style, with all the fixings -- and while it was tasty, I prefer my fries with a “less is more” attitude. I noticed after ordering that everyone was eating tacos and the lime fries, so we went back for more. Crispy and salty with the perfect tang of lime made their fries a perfect side to my tacos. The tacos were flavorful, authentic, and well-priced ($4), but I think it’s those tangy fries that’ll have me coming back for more.



Facebook | Instagram
Phone: 404-633-4400

Image via Facebook/Nectar

When I think of food trucks, fried greasy options and over-indulging comes to mind. Quite the contrary is available at Nectar, and this greens-loving, gluten-free-eating mama is happy to have healthy options. There are many plant-based and paleo options, plus they have gluten-free bread, which means everyone gets to enjoy the paninis.

Check out the deal on Scoutmob and snag yourself a free “flu shot.” This shot of fresh lemon, ginger, and cayenne will awaken your senses and leave you with an extra pep in your step. For a more substantial meal, I recommend their pesto or chipotle chicken sandwich.  


The Deep South Biscuit Co.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phone: 404-824-0121

Image via Facebook/The Deep South Biscuit Co. Food Truck

The Deep South Biscuit Company will help you “put the south in your mouth.” This food truck's biggest hits are the "Deep South in Your Mouth" and the "Ricky Bobby." The Deep South in Your Mouth comes with fried chicken, bacon jam, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, and a house aioli. The Ricky Bobby comes with fried chicken breast, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese smothered in gravy.

The biscuit alone is a full meal, but topped with some of the finest things in the south -- such as pimento cheese, thick-cut bacon, and fried green tomatoes -- this southern-style food truck makes a meal that would make even your granny proud.


The Patty Wagon

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phone: 678-909-6908

Image via Facebook/Patty Wagon ATL

You can get a burger anywhere, so when I find a new burger joint, I always ask for their signature dish. I read lots of reviews of the “Good Behavior,” and it did not disappoint. The meat itself is cooked well and is average quality, but the toppings took this patty to the next level. Smothered in strawberry preserves, goat cheese, and maple glazed bacon, this seemingly odd combination was a perfect marriage of flavors.

The burgers come solo, so upgrade your order. The Old Bay french fries were a perfect addition, perfectly crispy, and seasoned just right -- unlike the heavily covered and soggy fries at Fry Guy.


Did we list all your favorite Atlanta food trucks? Let us know in the comments below!


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