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Care.com Stands with Dreamers

Like so many of you, I am deeply concerned with the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

My family came to the United States from the Philippines when I was a young girl. (That's me in the center.) I was part of the first generation of my family to settle here permanently.

As the daughter of immigrants and the first generation in my family to settle permanently here in the United States, this is personal for me. My family first came to the United States from the Philippines when I was a young child. Although I've never been in their position of such uncertainty, I see myself in the stories of Dreamers, who were brought to the United States by parents who were seeking a better, sometimes safer life for their families. I could have been them; they should have the opportunities I have been afforded.

The DACA program has allowed 800,000 people who first came to America as children to build their lives and contribute to our communities without fear of being deported to countries that many of them don’t even remember. Today, the fates and futures of 800,000 people who first came to America as children are in doubt as the result of and without a resolution to the President’s decision.

America prides itself on being a land of opportunity. DACA recipients believed in that promise enough to register with the government and submit to background checks; they’re pursuing education, working jobs at some of our most powerful Fortune 500 companies and, undeniably, making positive contributions to our economy. The Center for American Progress estimates ending DACA would remove roughly 685,000 workers and result in a loss of $460.3 billion to the national GDP over the next decade.

It’s not just personal, either. Care.com is based on the belief that there is nothing more powerful than the bond of family. We believe strongly in the power of diversity and promise of economic opportunity. As parents and caregivers, we share common hopes and dreams for all of our children, regardless of race, background or circumstance. As a tech company that would not exist if not for immigration policy that allowed – and allows – the most talented people in the world to come to the United States, we believe the ability to attract and retain passionate, driven young people from around the world is a competitive advantage for our companies and our country.

As a company, Care.com is about promoting economic opportunity, especially among women. Our mission is to help caregivers find meaningful work, and help families get the care they need to get to work. Access to reliable, affordable care is one of the single most important drivers of female labor force participation. We believe our platform can serve as an on-ramp to the economy for caregivers and families. Similarly, DACA has served as an on-ramp to the economy for 800,000 Dreamers.

Turning our backs on these Dreamers is against our values as a company—and our values as a country. Congress now has an opportunity – and an obligation – to put partisanship aside and finally give Dreamers the pathway to citizenship they deserve. By codifying DACA into American law and culture, our elected leaders can speak with one voice that families will recognize: A voice of compassion and respect.

User in Carthage, NC
Dec. 19, 2017

I came here when I was 14 years old. My mother had a working permit that would allow to bring her minor children, however, once I turned 18, I lost my legal status. I packed up my things and went back to my country. I can't say I sympathize for someone to be here illegally and being said it's not fair or that they have rights.

User in Charlotte, NC
Oct. 22, 2017

I am done with care.com. Sitter city is providing me better leads, at a lower price. I believe you are a compassionate person. However I am suspicious about your motives, as you continually, and blindly support left of center activities. Like I have said in the past check you politics at the door when you come to work…. I have to, or I will get pushed out, and ridiculed for being a Christian, straight, able bodies, hard working, middle age white guy, legally in this country. While I benefit from that, it is also a disadvantage. There were fewer scholarships in engineering for me, when I went to school. If you were woman, or other minority group your starting engineering pay was 25-50% higher, than what I could get. Once I joined the work force all the “special groups” had career counselors and mentors which helped them move up the ladder. At one of my jobs we were asked to share what made us diverse…. I shared that I was a Catholic in the Southern US….. after the meeting HR threatened me with firing if I mentioned my catholic faith again… since it was not a “diverse religion”…. I could not mention it as making me unique. I never like to just complain, so here is my suggestion. If you really believe in growing the child care business for your service care providers, send out a passionate note on how eliminating abortions would grow the demand for caretakers, and raise their wages. There is no doubt that if millions of children were not aborted, there would be a stronger demand for care takers, and care.com …. So you should support efforts to reduce the number of abortions and celebrate the culture of life. However, even if you personally agree, I doubt you would do so, because the left would consider that “offensive”. Well now you know how I feel about your continued general push of progressive ideology.

You reference the Center for American Progress... Really? This is an organization literally teeming with communists, many via a revolving door from the Clinton and Obama administrations. They have no interest in our rule of law nor the success of the United States nor in the dreams of hard-working, law-abiding American citizens. Rather they are sponsors, pushers, and purveyors of coercive, tyrannical, government socialism "by any means necessary". Think about one current, real world example of such an end - once-prosperous Venezuela, run down in only one decade into chaos, mass hunger, and economic ruin. There is no rule of law there except what the dictator conceives on any given day. Few children or adults dare to dream today in Venezuela. There are now only living nightmares. Ridiculous reference source for your opinion. Laughable.

Care Faqs
Sept. 25, 2017

We value an open dialogue with our members and appreciate you taking the time to provide your thoughts. Care.com has always advocated for families and will always do so, even when the issues or topics are difficult.  This has been core to our company’s mission from the start and remains true today.  Again, we appreciate your thoughts and that you took the time to share them with us.

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