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The 5 Best Food Trucks in Miami

Round up the family and track down one of these mobile eateries for some of the most mouthwatering meals in the 305.

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Picture it: The sun’s out. The sky is a perfect cerulean blue with not a cloud in sight. And what’s that? Is that a light, cool breeze? Well, it’s official: We have a perfect Miami day on deck. Seems a shame to waste the day (or night) doing things inside, like… eating.

Enter the small but mighty food truck! These restaurants on wheels offer parents, babysitters, and nannies incredibly flavorful (and inventive) dishes without the hassle of high chairs or wrangling kids who have a case of the infamous “ants in the pants” syndrome. You’ll find these mobile eateries serving up everything from insanely over-the-top grilled cheese sandwiches to build-your-own gelato pops at neighborhood parks, events, and even the occasional brewery.

Luckily, Miami’s food truck scene is well established. There are hundreds of trucks around town that are able to satisfy just about any craving. We’ve rounded up five food truck options you and your family should definitely have on your radar.


Ms. Cheezious

Address & Hours: Find the truck’s location on Twitter.
Phone: 305-989-4019

Our truck is @sidebarmiami tonight! 🍾🍸🥓🍞🧀👩‍🎤

A post shared by MIMO & CORAL GABLES (@mscheezious) on

This is the holy grail of grilled cheese. And I’m not just saying that. Ms. Cheezious serves up the ooiest, gooiest, cheesiest sammies you’ll ever encounter and was voted the best food truck in the country by the Daily Meal. It’s easy to see why. They’ve elevated the humble grilled cheese sandwich with a tried-and-true recipe and created mouthwatering variations that keep the masses coming back for more -- like their Frito Pie Melt with housemade chili, and the Croqueta Monsieur stuffed with ham croquetas. Hankering for something sweet? The S’mores Melt with roasted marshmallows, salted chocolate hazelnut spread, and graham cracker crumble on sourdough is a sweet tooth’s fevered dream.


World Famous House of Mac

Address: 56 NW 29 St., Miami, FL 33127
Hours: Monday - Thursday, noon - 11 p.m. | Friday & Saturday, noon - midnight | Sunday, 2 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Phone: 305-903-2534


A post shared by World Famous House Of Mac (@worldfamoushouseofmac) on

This food truck offers decadently plated variations of mac and cheese, which instantly makes it a kid favorite. Permanently parked in the outdoor entrepreneurial hub known as Wynwood Yard, this truck doles out creamy plates of mac and cheese with skill and flair. The World-Famous Five Cheese Truffle Mac is their signature dish, but switching up with the pizza mac or lobster mac won’t leave you disappointed. Looking for something a bit meatier? Their fried chicken wings can be flavored eight different ways, and their buttermilk fried chicken with waffles is qualified crowd pleaser.


Box of Chacos

Address & Hours: Find the truck’s location on Twitter, or check its schedule.
Phone: 954-648-6535

Chinese food is delicious. As are tacos. It’s a tough call having to decide between the two when it comes to dinner. But in a moment of brilliant and crazy inspiration, someone thought to bring both cuisines together, which resulted in (drumroll, please)... the “chaco,” a Chinese-influenced version of the Mexican staple. Tacos here are filled with Asian-inspired flavors, thanks to ingredients like kimchi, soy-braised short ribs, and Korean ranch sauce. It’s a bit out there, but honestly, the concept works. Vegans can also happily nosh here, as their carnitas are made of chipotle-braised jackfruit and tofu crema.


Purple People Eatery

Address & Hours: Find the truck’s location on Twitter, or check its schedule.

Describing themselves as “fresh, freaky street food,” this longtime Miami food truck has been serving up hungry locals since 2011, making it one of the first mobile eateries on the scene. The fare is both gourmet and eclectic -- and that’s thanks to the professionally-trained chefs behind this concept. Just take a peek at the burgers here. The patties are made of grass-fed bison and get a decadent twist with toppings like quail eggs and earthy truffle oil. Those looking for a lighter option can take heart with the Club Med salad -- a Greek-inspired bowl brimming with kalamata olives and feta, with a side of hummus for good measure.



Address & Hours: Find the truck’s location on Twitter, or check its schedule.
Phone: 954-674-2211

When the HipPops truck is near, dessert is always on the menu. It’s BYOP (build your own pop) here, and the options are endless. You’ll start with one of over 100 flavors that they rotate on a daily basis, made of either gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet. Then, you’ll pick one of the three Italian chocolate dips to coat your pop. Finally, you can opt to coat your pop with finely crushed pistachios, almonds, sprinkles, coconuts, or even Oreo cookies -- feel free to go nuts (literally!) If you’re looking for something with less of a drip factor, you have the option of turning your pop into a shake. It’s the perfect way to end a food truck excursion on a sweet note.

Did we list all your favorite food trucks around Miami? Let us know in the comments below!

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