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3 Ways to Protect your Child in a Custody Battle

Child custody battles are never a skip in the park, let’s just come out and say it. They can be expensive, time-consuming, drudge up old emotions you don’t want to deal with, and they can cause a great deal of pain and anger. Here’s the thing; not all parents think about what their child is going through during a custody battle. Your kid may not be in the room when you meet with your child custody lawyer to hear all the trash-talking (whether it’s true or not) but they can certainly sense the energy, and it does have an impact on their awareness. Here are three ways you can help protect your child in a custody battle.


1. Hire a Family Lawyer with Expert Experience as a Child Custody Attorney

Not all family lawyers are created equal; some specialize in divorces, marriages, adoptions, and then there are the ones who rock a winning record with child custody cases. Within the family sector, look for a child custody lawyer and not just a jack of all trades within the general field. You should also look for a child custody attorney who has successfully worked cases similar to your own. Finally, look for one who has experience and the skillset to actually take steps to protect the child and his/her emotional well-being throughout the case. Any educated family lawyer with ample experience can fight and win a case, but the best child custody lawyers know how to win a case for their client while taking extra steps to look out for the child throughout the entire process.

2. Agree not to Bad-Mouth

Child custody battles create lots of resentment between parents, and as a result, the mouth will say things it later regrets. Arrange to meet with your child’s other parents and agree never to bad-mouth one another in front of the child. Children always feel safer if both parents refrain from expressing negative feelings towards one another. But this can be easier said than done. It often helps to work with a second party to help plan a line of communication that is healthy and beneficial to both parents and child. For example, working with a life coach specializing in parenting offers a fresh perspective and often makes child custody battles go smoother with both sides learning how to show love and support to their kid. 

3. Stay Grounded in Your Real Focus

All parents love their kids, yet sometimes custody battles can derail what’s important. Remember that your real focus is on winning the case while letting your child feel loved every step of the way. Often parents will get so caught up in a child custody battle that they act as if they are fighting for their child’s soul, or they make it a personal fight or contest against each other. Never forget that you are trying to get custody of your child because you feel you will provide him or her with a safer home and happier life. Keep your sights focused there, and trust your attorney to deal with everything else.

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