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These Are Detroit's 5 Best Mom Blogs

Use these online resources to find family-friendly news, events, and freebies.

These Are Detroit's 5 Best Mom Blogs
Image via Unsplash.com/@thezuba

Having children seems to speed up time -- with sports practices, summer camps, music lessons, and everything else that comes with raising kids all jammed into just a few hours of the day. Parents, babysitters, and nannies need resources to help them manage their time, find fun things to do with the kids, and perhaps save a dollar or two. That’s where these local mom bloggers can help. These blogs, written by Metro Detroit moms, provide a variety of advice, event schedules, and local information that will make life not only easier, but that much more fun.

Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood, by Lauren Weber

These Are Detroit's 5 Best Mom Blogs: Mrs. Weber's Neighborhood
Image via Facebook/Mrs. Weber's Neighborhood

What makes Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood a must-read is that it’s a blend of personal and great ideas. Blog owner Lauren Weber shares her family’s stories and photos, giving you a glimpse into her average day. She mixes in recipes, giveaways, travel tips, and fun reviews. So if you’re thinking of taking a road trip, you can check Mrs. Weber’s site first to see if she’s been there and what she thought of the site. Weber covers a variety of locations, from Detroit to Flint to Ann Arbor. As she says, “It’s always a beautiful day in Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood!”

Detroit Moms Blog, by Elizabeth Lewis

Detroit Moms Blog is a well-written and -researched blog about parenting, local resources, and the Metro Detroit community. What makes this blog useful is that it thoroughly researches local listings, magazines, and websites to give parents relevant, timely, and fun information about all things mom in the greater Detroit area. The Detroit Moms Blog summer camps guide is a must-read. The community of moms who contributes to the site then breaks out that info and recommends area theater groups and other specialty camps. The blog works hard to represent a variety of viewpoints, from parents of children with special needs to members of the Sandwich Generation who are acting as caregivers to aging parents.

Free Is My Life, by Jackie Harper


Jackie Harper is the kind of person you wish you could hang out with in real life and is the ultimate guide to helping her readers find a way to get great free stuff without putting in too much work. Harper started Free Is My Life while looking for a way to cover the cost of private school for her son and entertainment without breaking the bank. Her advice is sound, and her deals are real and achievable. So if you want to get the same freebies Harper has -- such as free barbecue sauce from Kroger or a free breakfast from a local eatery on your birthday -- just follow her links and advice.

Glamorous Moms, by Shannon Lazovski

Glamorous Moms reminds you that you are someone other than a mom! The blog describes itself as “an ezine for moms who are glamorous inside and out” and provides a beautiful website, a Facebook page, and other social media sites for women who love the finer things in life. Topics include fashion, beauty, health, shopping, kids, and travel. So if you’re looking for a new lip gloss or ideas on where to travel with sophistication, you’ll love this blog. According to its slogan, “All moms are glamorous and [Glamorous Moms is] here to help keep it that way!”

Daily Detroit, by Shianne Nocerini

Daily Detroit.jpg
Image via Facebook/Daily Detroit

This blog covers everything you’d want to know about Detroit and the greater Metro area with a decidedly mom spin. Writer Shianne Nocerini is fun, informative, and thoughtful about what she covers for Daily Detroit, including her must-read lists of what to do over the weekends in Detroit, Corktown, and other area neighborhoods. The blog’s goal is to highlight the best of Detroit, from its newest restaurants to retail stores to events. So if Nocerini tells you to check out the new Foundation Hotel as a date night with your husband or go to the RiverWalk with your kids, then you know you’re getting top-notch advice.


What are some other Metro Detroit mom blogs that you love to read? Let us know in the comments below!

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