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Exercise = A Happy Dog!

I wanted to take a moment and share a positive experience with the community about the new rescue pug that my hubby and I adopted eight months ago.   Until recently, I was the one doing all the feeding and walking of our pug.  My husband has very long work hours, so I was doing the primary care of our pooch.  But we began to notice that my bond with our pug was much stronger than the bond our pooch was developing with my hubby.  We made the smallest change: the two of them began walking together -- nothing long, just 10 minutes or so.  

The effect this had on our pug was notably positive.  The two of them are much closer, and both man and dog seem much happier.  A back yard gets boring for a dog, and dogs won't usually self-exercise.  They're dependent on us for the mental stimulation of sniffing, interacting with other dogs and people, and training to walk on the leash nicely .People often discount the vital importance of walking your dog.  Walking your dog is important for more than just the fact that he or she needs to exercise.  A regular walk establishes routine, gives a dog something to look forward to, and forges a tremendous bond between pet and owner.

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