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How to Post a Job on Care.com: Why Post Your Job on Care.com?

Wondering why you should use Care.com? Here are a few ways we can help you find the best person for your needs.

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Are you looking for a child care provider, a housekeeper, a senior caregiver for your aging parents, or even a walking friend for your fur child? Care.com offers a variety of care services and specializes in giving families and providers in the same area an easy way to connect.

Thinking about posting a job on Care.com? It's one of the fastest ways to find reliable care and to browse a number of potential candidates in one place. You’ll also get help searching for people who meet different “requirements,” like pay limits and experience levels.

Whether you're looking for a babysitter, a senior care provider or a housekeeper (or all of the above), our platform will help make your search even quicker and easier.

Top 5 Reasons to Post on Care.com

Why post a job on Care.com? For starters, your friends and neighbors have likely found their favorite babysitter or housekeeper here, too! Ask your friends or family how they searched for their most recent provider and odds are they’ll tell you about Care.com.

But there’s so many more reasons to sign up. Here's how posting a job on Care.com can benefit you:

  • It's free!*
  • It's the fastest way to find a reliable caregiver who can start right away.
  • We do the searching for you by showcasing the top caregivers in your area.

(Did you know? On average, a job post on Care.com receives 15 replies.)

  • Responses usually start coming in within hours - in fact, for Premium Members we guarantee responses within 3 days or you get your money back.
  • We'll email you when new caregivers who fit your needs join Care.com.

Bonus: While your job post does the work for you, you're free to take care of other things on your to-do list, like run errands, get work done or plan dinner.

Your job, once approved by Care.com, will be posted in your area. Soon, providers who are looking for a family or position like yours will reach out and apply to your job. You can choose the best candidates and start the interview process without having to dig around to find local providers – it’s really that easy!

* Basic Care.com membership is free. The Basic Membership allows families to view and post jobs, receive applications from providers, receive newsletters full of expert tips and advice, and access resources on all things care-related.

*Premium Members pay a one-month, three-month, or 12-month subscription fee and can contact an unlimited number of caregivers, purchase background checks, and access reviews for providers (in addition to the Basic account benefits).

We Connect Providers and Families

Local nannies, senior care providers, or dog walkers aren’t listed like a local business; it can be hard to find trustworthy, experienced providers that are available when you need them without a little help. We know that, which is why we offer our services to help you find people who are highly qualified to work in your home or for your family.

Sign up for an account today and get started with your provider search! You can also learn more about how it works here.


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Can you please tell me how to take down my postings for a care giver, no longer needed, my brother had to go in to an Assisted Living facility??

Care.com became complicated. It is no longer easy to find or look for help online. It has a difficult interface that does not allow the user to find the answer to which they are searching. It is difficult to post jobs as well as switching over from care giver to need care. 

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