9 Out-of-the Box Mother's Day Gifts for Pet Moms

Laura Richards
May 3, 2018

Trying to find the perfect Mother's Day gifts for the pet moms in your life? We’ve got you covered with some simple and creative gift ideas!


Image courtesy: Stocsky

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so many of us are in brainstorm mode as we try to come up with ways to honor the moms in our lives -- whether they’re our own mothers, our grandmothers, our partners, or our friends.

But, as we schedule our brunches and make our Mother’s Day gifts and crafts, let’s remember that “motherhood” doesn't just cover moms of human babies -- it includes moms of furbabies, too! And let's be real: every pet mom -- whether a mom to human babies or not -- loves to be remembered and pampered on this day.

According to the 2017–2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. households -- about 84.6 million homes -- own a pet. This means that there are a lot of pet moms out there who might love a special shout-out for all of the tender loving care they give their pets throughout the year.

Below are a few ideas, tips and products that can help you come up with the right gift for the pet mom in your life:

1) Get Matchy-Matchy

Image via FriendshipCollar.com

What pet mom wouldn’t love a matching bracelet to go along with her pet's collar?

Friendship Collar sells super cute pet collars, and every collar purchased comes with a matching bracelet for the lucky pet mom. So, when your favorite pet mom steps out with her furbaby, you're guaranteed that she’ll being doing it in style. 

2) Classic or Creative, Cards Are Always a Win

Cards are a classic way to show someone how special they are to you.

Whether it’s a creative homemade card, or a card purchased in a store or online at a site like Sloppy Kiss Cards, it’s the thought that counts. As a fun little project, kids can create a Mother's Day card from the family pet to Mom, or even make one for a pet mom friend.

3) Give the Gift of Organization

Yes, this is a one-of-a-kind Doggie Day Planner for your favorite dog mom.

The dry-erase board and schedule for grooming, vet visits and doggy day care even has a place to keep track of who's walking Fido each day -- whether it's the kids or a dog walker. It’s a great way to keep things organized and fun, and every mom appreciates adding order to her life!

Plus, a percentage of sales from the site goes to animal rescue.

4) Cue the Cute Cat Jewelry

For the cat mom in your life, why not check out some adorable and affordable cat jewelry? We especially love the cat ears ring by Autumn Equinox and cat earrings from Monty Jewelry, both available on Etsy. 

5) Sign Her Up for Some “Doga”

Image via Pixabay.com

For the dog mom who has everything, consider signing her up for a dog yoga (“doga”) class.

Yes, it’s really a thing and it’s becoming very popular.

Search for classes in your area, or purchase a Doga DVD for her to do at home. The DVD includes step-by-step instructions for some fun mom-and-dog bonding time!

6) Buy a Book Geared to Dogs or Cats

That’s right, these are books that dogs or cats will enjoy -- as well as any pet mom with a good sense of humor!

Bedtime Stories for Dogs” by Leigh Anne Jasheway is a compilation of canine stories, such as “The Three Little Pugs” and “Snow White and the Seven Chihuahuas.” Stories in Jasheway’s “Bedtime Stories for Cats” include “The Three Alley Cats Gruff” and “Catpunzel.”

These are books that the entire family will enjoy reading -- not just the pet mom and her four-legged charge. 

7) Spring for Grooming

Image via Pixabay.com

Pet moms work hard to keep their pets loved and cared for, so why not give them a little TLC by getting them a nice little mani/pedi at a local salon? And, while you're at it, go the extra mile by ALSO arranging for their cat or dog to get pampered and coiffed at a nearby pet groomer.

Just remember that cats usually need special attention when they get groomed. Some ideas for services to include in their little "spa day" excursion include nail trimming and teeth cleaning. If the cat is a long-haired breed, consider looking into services that cater specifically to their longer mane.

Check out local groomers and ask if they provide gift cards or certificates, or contact a local vet for recommendations. 

8) Sign Her Up for a Dog/Mom Agility or Training Session

Dogs love movement, so dog agility classes are a great way to please both the pup and the pup's mom -- especially if the latter is also into being active herself.

Agility classes typically involve obstacle courses for the dogs to complete in a sporty, upbeat environment. For example, Zoom Room offers dog agility classes in multiple states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, California and Washington. To find these types of classes in your area, do a quick internet search -- or, better yet, ask your local vet or animal shelter if it knows of any that it would recommend.

If you know that the dog could use a few more classes in "puppy etiquette," dog training sessions could be another solid gift option for your pet mom. Do some research on the dog trainers and dog training facilities in your area to find out if they offer any kind of special packages you can purchase as a gift.

9) Interact With Cat Toys

Cats are independent, but they love to play. The perfect gift for the cat mom may be a toy that not only pleases Kitty but also helps Kitty bond with Mom! Petco has lots of interactive cat toys, so consider grabbing a bunch and make up a nice gift bag or basket for that special cat mom in your life!

Like any mom, pet moms love gifts and thoughtful gestures, especially if their four-legged babies are the only children in their lives. Take time to think of what fits the pet, the mom, and their lifestyle. A little thought makes a small gesture go a long way -- and that much more meaningful. 

Tips and stories from parents and caregivers who’ve been there.

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