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Stephanie Booth

Portland, OR

Stephanie Booth is a freelance writer based in Portland, OR. Her stories have appeared in Parents, Real Simple, O, and Psychology Today.

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9 Great Activities For Introverted Kids

If your child is shy or introverted, you know that finding an appropriate extracurricular activity can be a challenge. Popular team sports may send them running toward the hills, and after-school programs can cause more anxiety than anything else. “Our culture is biased toward extroversion, so it can be difficult... more

7 Unique After-School Programs You’ve Never Heard Of

Of course, your child can benefit from taking ballet or joining a baseball league after school. (Solid choices, both.) But these days, extracurricular activities are only limited by your imagination. Your child could spend their afternoon learning to felt, for instance, or making cheese, dancing the flamenco or creating their... more

What Every Nanny Needs To Know About Nanny Shares

Thinking about working for multiple families in a share? Be sure to do your homework: Nanny shares and shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.   The percentage of families seeking a nanny share jumped... more

7 Ways To Keep Kids (And Yourself!) Chill During Holiday Travel

If holiday travel incites feelings other than joy, you’re not alone. Traveling with kids any time of year can be nerve-wracking, but traveling during the holiday season just adds an extra-special helping of crowds and chaos. “Not to mention that delays, transitions, lost luggage and other unknowns are stressful,”... more