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Tarzana, CA

Mature, fun individual that loves animals and children. Has fun doing activities such as games,puzzles,coloring, outdoors,swimming etc.

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Stefanie's Activity


sometimes its easier if you provide 2 different times to pick from maybe that might help.

Sleep Issue

since his age I would not try prescriptions, I would ask the dr or pharmacist of lil tricks like lavender is calming maybe some calming oils in a defuser. and some over the counter sleeep aid like Benadryl makes children sleepy, but can't take every night? ever thought of... more

Availability Of Nanny

you would need to start interviewing way ahead of time and let them know the time, maybe they can sign something that says they will work for you at that time or give you a certain amount of notice if cant do it.

How Much Should I Pay For Picking Up/dropping Off?

depends how far the school is from the home that's gas and time for only an hour. I would do a minimum of 2 hours pay that way you will get more interest

Growing Pains?

IF anything is different or abnormal I would defiantly get it looked at you don't want to over look something that can be fixed before it turns into something