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Am I Being Paid Enough?

Personally, I always ask for $10/hour when it is one child. However, that is when I am traveling to their home to watch the child. Since you get to watch the child in your own home, I would ask for less. I think you should still ask for at... more

Should I Charge More For My Babysitting Job?

I have been in a similar situation, and in the end you really need to do what is best for you. For me, I was driving 20 minutes each morning to watch a child for an hour before taking him to school. It was hard for me to quit, because... more

Transportation Required

It could mean that they will let you use one of their cars to pick up or drop off the children, or it could mean that they just filled out the job posting incorrectly. I would just apply, and if they reach out to you you can always ask for... more

How Can I Attract More Parents?

References! I asked parents from families that I worked for in the past to review me on here (even families that I did not find through Now, my profile shows that I am a 5 start caregiver. I think this can help you stand out more.

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

For me, it would depend on if they are taking taxes out or not. If they are paying cash, I would not ask for overtime pay. If they are taking taxes out, I would approach them about overtime pay. In any other job where taxes are taken out, your employer... more