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Any Ideas For Storage And Space ?

I would rearrange the closet in a puzzle fashion and put things in order from biggest to smallest.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Hard Water Ring Off The Inside Of A Toilet?

hard water rings are tough but can be removed with hard water removal.

What Is The Best Way To Dust A Fan?

I would use a feather duster then I would damp a wash cloth and go over each fan.

Is Using Hot Water And Vinegar Enough To Disinfect A Kitchen Floor?

yes water and vinegar is good to use for floors if you don't want the smell of other things.

How Do You Get Hard Water Stains Off Of A Glass Shower Door?

I would use windix for the shower doors and a lite scrub rag.

What Do You Use To Clean Your Gas Stove Top?

I would use a glass top stove cleaner.

Is There A Way To Mend Socks?

I am not good at sewing at all.