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I FIND IT SO AGGRAVATING when I get to the "pay" part of an interview and the applicant says "Nope I work for CASH only and will not give out her SS info etc or allow SS taxes and Medicare to be taken out.  WHat is the general feeling ?


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Should an eye exam for a 59 yr old woman at Walmart vision center be 700$? My mother was charged 700$for her eye exam ,and frames! I want able to take her to her appointment and I found this out today! This was at Cedartown Ga. Walmart vision center

I am so very upset, my mother paid 700$ for her an eye exam,and her frames! Someone please tell me that Is a RIP off..I am so very upset that ppl take advantage of the elderly people like this!!!


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My brother is paying a senior home aide and his friends $22,000 per month of my parents' money

I need a reality check about costs. I also wonder if there's any help. I feel like the only sane one. My parents are in their eights, and definitely in cognitive decline, but not in need of actual nurse or doctor care.  The men my brother hired microwave... more


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How to provide new caregivers with funds to grocery shop, pick-up items for senior.

Concerned about how to "fund" a carer with money to pick-up prescriptions, grocery shop, etc. Do not want to give seniors credit or debit card. Also don't want to provide blank checks or cash. Anyone have any ideas or experience in this area.


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I would like to hire a care provider for three hours a week to check on my mother. No physical help is needed just companionship. Do I really need to become an employer or can I hire on a 1099 basis?



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How do I search for and apply for a job

how do i search for and apply for a job  


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Does anyone know if personal care includes cutting hair?



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What is the meaning/difference of "hands on care" and "companion care"?