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Help and support during nature's most special nine months.


7 answers

What is the line between abuse and normal spanking?

I am pregnant with our first child. My husband grew up in a home where he was beaten with a belt pretty frequently. In a recent conversation, he said that he believes that spanking is necessary and that he's glad he was raised to know right from wrong. I... more


60 answers

Do I need to wash my baby's clothes with a special detergent, or is regular detergent okay?

I just had a baby shower and received lots of adorable clothing. Should I buy special baby laundry detergent to wash it with? Can I just use regular detergent?


1 answer

Is it okay to have sex when 7 months pregnant?

My baby is constantly moving around and kicking, would it be safe for my husband and I to keep having sex? Would it affect the baby at all?


9 answers

Im about to turn 15 and I'm pregnant. Im keeping the baby because I think any other decision is wrong. I know I'm defiantly keeping the baby. I need advice on pregnancy, babies, and how to finish high school...

im really scared


33 answers

I'm pregnant and single. Any tips on how to stay positive?

Every time I turn around I feel like I see a happy couple preparing for the arrival of a new baby. I am single and preparing on my own. It is lonely and I feel like all the joy is being sucked out of this time in my life. How... more


2 answers

Why is my baby's heartbeat so fast?

My doctor put a stethoscope to my tummy at my last visit so I could hear my baby's heart. It was going a mile a minute! I was a little too wrapped up in the moment, so I forgot to ask why it was so fast. Anyone know?


68 answers

My daughter is about to become a teen mother, and I'm worried she won't finish high school. How can I help her get her diploma and go to college?

My daughter is pregnant and the baby will be born at the beginning of her junior year of high school. It is very important to me that she finishes high school and goes to college, but is this realistic? What can I do to help?


3 answers

How many people can be in the delivery room when I give birth?

My two sisters and I are very close. I'd really like them to be in the delivery room with me and my boyfriend. Is there a maximum number of people I can bring with me when I give birth?