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Help and support during nature's most special nine months.

You Can Choose the Sex of Your Baby, but It'll Cost You

While some methods almost guarantee results, others rival old wives' tales. We had a doctor explain exactly how it all works. If you're the kind of person who has been planning your perfect family unit since your Barbie Dream House days, there is a way to guarantee it. Whether... more

I'm Having a Baby: Fears Going from 1 Kid to 2

Today, I want to introduce you to Melissa. A mom and remote-employee of Care.com, Melissa lives in New Hampshire and works as a teacher and coach as well as a content marketer for Care.com. Now, she has big news: She is pregnant with her second baby. And of... more

Find Out What Training You Need to Become a Doula

Getting officially trained and certified gives a doula significant credibility and knowledge, while helping them make more money doing what they love. Doulas play a key supporting role in bringing new life into the world. Birth doulas coach women through the ups and downs of labor and birth, while postpartum... more

How Much Does a Doula Make?

Doulas can charge by the hour or by birth, and more certifications always mean a higher salary. Being a doula comes with beautiful ups and downs. You help women through labor pains and birthing struggles, which often requires working nights and weekends because babies operate on their own timetable. But... more

Need a Birth Plan Template? 16 Options

Plan your birth experience by making your wishes known! Here are 16 great examples to help you create a customized birth plan that's right for you.   A birth plan is a great way for you to visualize what you want your baby's birth to look like and... more


How to Reduce Spider Veins During Pregnancy

This morning, I woke up and noticed ugly purple marks on my legs. I started to panic until I realized they're spider or varicose veins. They don't hurt, but I do want to understand all I can about them as I make sure I stay healthy during my... more


Signs You're Going Into Labor Soon

At my checkup today, the OB/GYN said my baby and I look great! I'm excited to meet him (or her) in six months! I admit, though, that I'm already nervous about labor. I worry that I won't know it's happening. My doctor reassured me with... more

Diet During Pregnancy -- The No-No List for Expectant Moms

When you're expecting a baby, your nutrition affects the two of you, so heed these warnings from natural health experts to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby. Here's what NOT to eat while pregnant.You're pregnant. You're hungry. And you know your diet... more