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They're not human, but they're definitely family.


52 answers

How much should i charge to go to someones house twice a day to feed and check on cats for almost two months?

Its only about a mile or two down the road from my house, and will not be interfering with any schedule of mine


63 answers

Does Pet Sitting = Pet Boarding?

I want to be a pet sitter but can't house the dogs myself. is that the same as pet boarding?


106 answers

My dog started peeing in the floor after we got a cat, help!

My husband and I recently adopted a cat, and our 6 year old dog, who we adopted in May, has now started peeing in the house every single time we leave. Jemima, our dog, was completely house trained when we rescued her from the pound to the point where she... more


74 answers

What would you charge for 3 dogs, all day and over night?

2 nights and 7am-12:00pm Sunday  


166 answers

how do I help my rescue not be so aggressive and anxious

I have a dog I rescued from a maltipoo rescue he's a year maybe? but he is from a Koran meat farm he likes me and one person he hates men and he gets bad social anxiety like me im not sure how to help him he is my... more


38 answers

How do I stop my 1 year old dog from being aggressive towards other dogs?

My dog, Tedi. Is a Lab German Shepherd mix. The only do he can be around is our 9 year old dog, Coko. She is Chow Lab mix, but Chow Labs only live for 10 years. So I want Tedi to get along with other dogs so that I can... more


63 answers

Boarding dogs when your own dog gets jealous!

Hi, I could really use some advice on boarding dogs.  We have been boarding dogs and cats all summer. Our own dog loves cats but she doesn't love every dog that boards with us. She gets jealous of the attention we give to other dogs (though has no... more


88 answers

Rate of Pay

We are paying a couple to take care of our dog. Just letting him out 4x per day and feeding him 1x per day. Not asking anything extra. They live a few miles away. How much do you think is reasonable to pay per day?