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From rug stains to renovations, we all could use a hand around the home.


54 answers

Is it necessary to have both an oil diffuser and an air purifier in the same room?

Does it make sense?


106 answers

If you clean a home and they have bedbugs shouldn't they let you know ahead of time?

I expressed my concern about seeing a bottle of Bedbug spray and haven't gotten a response. It's not the owner of the home it's good brother that posted to have the place cleaned. He hasn't answered my texts. I'm wondering if I'm going to... more


156 answers

House cleaning and micromanaging daughter

I was offered a cleaning job, once a week on Fridays for an elderly lady who lost her husband recently and she has heart issues.  Her daughter hired me and I agreed to $15/hour.  I get there and it is total clutter and her one daughter continues... more


56 answers

House Cleaning Price

What is a reasonable price for a 5 bedroom 2 bath house? Two levels. We need just 2 bedrooms picked up, organized and vacuumed. Kitchen cleaned and mopped. Maybe do dishes if there are dishes that need done. Need counters, oven, stove, microwave and table cleaned. Have a dishwasher. Living room... more


228 answers

How important is it to purchase your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

I have only been a housekeeper since October 2017. Prior to that I went to college to study legal assistant studies, then found a job with security companies working as a dispatcher and as a customer service representative. I also worked briefly at the 911 center as a dispatcher. I... more


45 answers

What are best practices when hiring someone to help you pack for moving?

I’m looking for someone I can trust and that won’t steal things from me as I pack since this is a project/task where the individual will be in my home in every nook and cranny. What are best tips, questions, practices to get help?


59 answers

How do I get parents to hire a teenage tutor?

I am a teenage tutor with four to five years of tutoring experience. However, the people I've tutored are only people that I've known for a little while before beginning tutoring their children. How do I get hired by a family that I've never met as a... more


71 answers

Removing Stains

Hi ya! I as wondering if anyone has any good cleaning hacks for removing mud from white denim shorts? Thanks!!