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Because kids don’t come with manuals.

Babysitter Resumes: What Information Should You Include?

Building your babysitter resume can seem daunting, but here's some good news: It's a whole lot easier than you think! No matter what industry you're in, writing a resume can feel overwhelming. And if you're in a care profession like babysitting, it can feel even more confusing... more

8 Ways to Help Your Congested Baby Breathe

Nothing can make a baby crankier than a stuffy nose. Here's how to make it better -- fast.Has your little one come down with a stuffy nose? She's not alone. In fact, according to Dr. Andrew Hotaling, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Loyola University Medical Center, children typically get six... more

The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School

Not sure if year-round school is right for your kid? Study up on the pros and cons here. Thinking year-round school might be right for your child, but not sure if he'll miss summer vacation? Before you make the decision, here's a look at what this school system... more

20 Free Toddler Apps Without Hidden In-App Purchases

Handing your tot a game on your phone can save the day at the grocery store, but accidental in-app purchases can add up. Here are a few free apps that really are free.     Running errands with little ones can be challenging, but sometimes you can't avoid a... more

101 Indoor Games and Activities for Kids

Fun ideas for keeping kids entertained when you're stuck inside. It's easy for parents, babysitters, nannies, and kids alike to get cabin fever when they're stuck inside all day. Plan some indoor games and activities to help make the time fly by when you're cooped up... more

11 Foods to Serve at a Kid's Birthday Party

These tasty treats will make you the best party-thrower on the block. On the surface, planning a child's birthday party food menu seems like an easy task, but as many parents and experts will tell you, choosing the right food can get tricky. This is perhaps one of the... more

101 Exciting Things to Do with Kids Aged 9-12

Do your tweens seem glued to their screens? Keep them busy with these stimulating things to do with kids aged 9-12!     Every parent dreads hearing those two little words that tweens tend to repeat ad nauseam: "I'm bored!" Finding things to do with kids ages 9 to... more

15 Best Pacifiers -- How to Find the Right One for Your Baby

Babies love their binkies! Here's a list for finding the perfect one.Pacifiers. Binkies. Dummies. Soothers. No matter what you call them, "the best pacifiers are the ones your baby will take," says Dr. Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician, blogger and speaker. With so many choices of pacifiers out there... more