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How To Broach The Subject Of Bringing Your Child Along

I'd put the info in your bio to weed out any replies that might have a problem with it. Some parents are concerned that a babysitter or nanny will show favoritism toward their own child in a mixed child environment. Others may feel the quality of service provided to... more

Removing Stains

You have to soak them - for about 6 hours - before washing them. You can use bleach or make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar.

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

I spent one summer doing turn-overs and I learned a lot! Worst experience of my life, relying on what was in the cottages! If you're serious about being a housekeeper, definitely bring your own products and appliances! It makes a difference because you will choose the vacuum that is... more

House Cleaning And Micromanaging Daughter

One day, your mother will become elderly and require care. As her daughter, you may worry - about everything and everyone coming into the home. Some of the concerns might be real, while others are imaginary. If this daughter is with her mother while you clean, that shows a serious degree... more

What Are Best Practices When Hiring Someone To Help You Pack For Moving?

Well, for starters, I would separate your heirloom keepsakes and valuables from the rest and pack those away yourself. But, most hiring services, such as provide background checks on all service providers. Be sure to choose one that has general liability insurance - that way, you can always file... more

If You Clean A Home And They Have Bedbugs Shouldn't They Let You Know Ahead Of Time?

Bedbugs can be a problem and are amazing little travelers - it's always good to know about this problem in advance, so you can take proper precautions and adjust your cleaning routine to address them... but keep in mind that many people might not even be aware they have them... more

Is It Necessary To Have Both An Oil Diffuser And An Air Purifier In The Same Room?

I wouldn't since one cancels out the other. You should always check your purifier to see if it is designed to remove odors as well as micro-particles. If it removes odors, it would be a waste to try to add scents since it would remove those too.