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First Time Tutoring...

You could always ask to meet in a public place and ask to be paid for a session in advance to be able to secure that time with you. I hope this helps!

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

As a nanny I would have to say that it would be awfully nice if you did.

😳 What's The Most Embarrassing Moment You've Had On The Job? 😳

One day, a father of a family that I had worked for happened to come home early. I was standing in the kitchen serving his son and daughter afternoon snacks while wearing a Hannah Montanna wig, a princess hat, a long, grass style hulla-skirt, and a most random, bunny nose... more

💯what's The Best Advice You've Gotten On Being A Caregiver? 💯

To never, ever stop loving the children as I do. I am often told that my heart is one of the very best things about me! <3

☝️if You Could Change One Thing About The Caregiving Industry, What Would It Be? ☝️

If I could change just one thing about the caregiving industry it would be to have all potential families seek to hire a nanny as an extended part of their families. I have went on interviews where I have experienced the feeling that the family was simply seeking help to... more

Sleep Issue

If it is dinosaurs he says he sees during his night terrors, introduce him to dinosaurs to him in a totally awesome way! Read dinosaur books with him, watch The Land Before Time series of videos with him. Littlefoot is adorable and kids really like that one. Let him know... more

Availability Of Nanny

As a nanny, I would not be able to look at an post like that for myself being that I am seeking employment right now. I am a bit perplexed by what seems to be a trend of families seeking help sometimes up to 6 months before they would actually... more

Growing Pains?

I would not be concerned at all. From what I have heard from an abundance of families over the years, and personally witnessed- this is not uncommon at all. Remind your youth that although it is a bit uncomfortable, that it is all just a part of (literally) growing up... more