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Can A Tutor Help My Son With Study Skills?

Yes. Just have the tutor do practice study sessions with them.

What Are Some Ideas To Use To Make Tutoring More Fun?

Try to relate it to the kids life or have it have some meaning so after the session, they don't just forget about it and are looking forward to it next time.

How Much Does Tutoring Actually Help With Preparing For The Sat? Is It Worth The Money?

Tutoring always helps, but it has diminishing results. The higher you score is, the less it will help. The opposite is true for struggling students. This is because at the top, the amount you need to learn is a lot less and its more about refining your application of knowledge... more

Teen Baby-Sitter/ Tutor Advice?

For the first family, kindly request for them to stick to a schedule or to give you enough notice. If they can't comply, tell them you can't tutor their child. For the second, same as the first. Ask for what you need and if they don't give... more

Looking For A Great Software Coding Tutor For My 12 Year Old Son Who Will Work With Him In Our Home For 1-2 Hrs A Week. He Has The Basics But I Want To Keep It Fun For Him So That He Continues To Do It And Does Not Give Up As It Gets Harder. Any Ideas?

Try to have him create things he can share with his friends. If he is seeing the fruits of his labor, he will very quickly start truly enjoying it and will study on his own without you needing to push him. Good luck!