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How To Broach The Subject Of Bringing Your Child Along

Put into your bio, some people would love a built in playdate and some might not want the extra liability. Plus you don't need to waste your time :o)

House Cleaning Price

$100 for 5 hours would be reasonable and a way to get it done right. And for that price you should for sure check references and read reviews on their profile. Follow your gut and ask them lots of questions during the walkthrough, in each room ask them what they... more

Posting A Job. I Get Many Replies But When I Replied Back To Set Up A Interview It Takes 24 To 48 Hrs Before I Hear From Somebody. I Guess Only A Few People Have Cell Phones Where They Can Take A Few Minutes To Said Yes Or No .

Not everyone does it full time and balances their full time jobs and families to supplement their income. I'm blessed to do this full time so I am constantly on the site. Keep the faith, we all need eachother. Many blessings.

How Do I Get Parents To Hire A Teenage Tutor?

References, references and references! All those families that you have helped can leave reviews on your page, even non members! Ask them if you can send a link requesting a review and to be future phone references. Good luck!

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

Ive been doing private housecleaning for over 5 years and 90% of the families have their own products they want you to use. During the interview ask them, be upfront. It is THEIR house you are cleaning, not really your responsibility to bring everything. If they ask you to bring... more

House Cleaning And Micromanaging Daughter

Fire them, the job isn't worth it if you feel underpaid and micromanaged. There are other families that would love and appreciate what you do. Since they seem to know what they want done...maybe they should do it themselves.

What Are Best Practices When Hiring Someone To Help You Pack For Moving?

Start with a meeting and walkthrough. Go by your gut feeling first, then get verified references ( profiles should have some) and then make a decision. Get copies of ID phone and address, you can always do an inexpensive background check online if needed. As a house cleaner I... more

If You Clean A Home And They Have Bedbugs Shouldn't They Let You Know Ahead Of Time?

Yes they have to warn you! You could easily bring them along with you home and to other jobs, if they refuse to answer you it most likely means they do sadly. Call the city health department and let them know your concerns, and if you worked for them through... more