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For A House 1600 Sq Ft, 3 Bedroom 3 Full Bath, Needs Detailed Cleaning, Whats A Reasonable Rate?? How Do You Charge? Based Off..?

Your prices are reasonable. You should continue to work with clients with integrity, and who also value your talents. If someone is making a fuss over your prices, they will go somewhere cheaper and get what they paid for.

How Do You Handle Out-Of-Pocket Expenses For Personal Assistant?

As an assistant, I always had a card with my name on it. If you are trusting them with your personal tasks, they should be responsible to use it professionally. You can monitor purchases through your online banking. If you are unsure in the beginning, you can chose the pre... more

How Does One Find Cat Boarding?

Your vet may offer boarding services. My cat loves her local daycare when we have work done on the house that she needs to be out of the house for. I would look into an animal daycare/boarding facility that looks clean and has at least one full time staff... more

What Is The Difference In Light And Deep Cleaning? I Have 5 Kids And 1 On The Way So, To Me All Cleaning Is Deep!

Deep cleaning are tasks that will require meticulous energy ( microwaves, ovens, scrubbing grout etc) You definitely don't want any tasks ignored or to pile up, so your housekeeper would be the best person to communicate with for your initial needs and create a schedule, and your needs that may... more

What Are Some Of The Brands Of Dog Food You Guys Use To Feed Your Dogs?

This is a great question and dogs have always been a passion of mine. Fromm, Acana, orijen, Zignature, weruva These are all fantastic brands that I feel comfortable using, and are great also if your dog had any special food requirements or allergies (single protein, grain free, etc) These brands... more

How To Broach The Subject Of Bringing Your Child Along

I would add that to your bio, if you know that your niece will be with you the majority of the time. You may see this as a negative, but it's better to be clear and communicate, because maybe the family wouldn't mind their child having someone new... more

House Cleaning Price

This sounds like a square footage and list that would take a majority of the day, I would estimate $300 for the whole house. For these tasks, I would also recommend a "deep clean" once a month to supplement the daily tasks that may not take time if your housekeeper... more

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

You could check online for bulk products or concentrated solutions that you are able to put in (labeled) spray bottles. Check labels for "ingredients" some high end products have the exact make up of dollar store cleaning supplies, I would definitely recommend to start at your local $1 store and... more