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Hello, I Am A New Member. I Am Parent Of A 5 Year 5 Year Old Boy Learning Reading

I agree with another commenter, recognizing the letters isn’t the same as decoding the words based on the sounds the letters make. It’s a connection that comes with practice and introduction..I love using BOB books with beginning readers..short simple words, only using recognizable “sight” words that do not... more

I Am Wondering What The Rate Of Pay Would Be For My 14,7,6, And 4 Year Old If I Were To Go Out Of Town For A Week. All Of The Children Are School Aged And The 4 Year Old Goes To Preschool Half Day.

I would offer a flat daily rate, with some consideration for providing overnight  care, and the day to day responsibility. But for a week, and 4 kids...definitely no less than $200 per/day. 

Our Nanny Is Asking Us To Pay Her Some Portion Under The Table So That She Could Still Be Qualified For Ny Medicaid. Is That Right To Do? Also, I Found Out That The Cap Is $1,387 Monthly, Which Translates To ~$320 Per Week? Is This The Right Salary Cap?

I’d say it depends on your comfort level. If you’re not offering the benefit of health insurance this may be their only option for healthcare while being a nanny, especially if she has children. If you want everything to be aboveboard, which is perfectly sound advice..offer a contribution to a health... more

Getting 2 Hyper Toddlers To Sleep?

Hi! I had this same issue with the boy/girl twins I was sitting for. They were constantly hopping in each other cribs, or pitching a fit..causing the other to either join in or not sleep very long. Eventually I had them nap in separate rooms. They began to... more